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Fangirling. Randomness. Life posts. And so much more.

I try to post every three or four days, but if I don't...oh well. That's one thing that I like about blogging, it's super flexible. I try not to get caught up in a schedule.

An Odd Blog comes from my strong belief that people shouldn't all be the same or "normal" so why should a blog be? I believe that people are unique and odd and all different.

And I'm just an odd person.

What I hope to accomplish through this blog: I like to make people laugh, so I'm hoping that maybe one of my posts will bring a smile to someone's face. I started this blog mainly for myself, to talk about my life to anyone who was reading it. Now I hope to share my thoughts with the world and maybe find others with similar mindsets or opinions. I've already connected with more people than I thought I would.

Some Other Stuff You'll See: Bookishness. I read every spare moment that I'm not on Pinterest.

Lots of gifs. Example: See above. Some posts on writing. Some of the stuff in my life that I deem exciting enough to blog about. Lots of Sleeping at Last quotes and adoration. 

I know it's kind of random and there is no real pattern to what you might see, but that's what makes it Odd, right? 


  1. Evangeline! Okay so I just found your blog. Because Pinterest. And let me tell you. It is FLAWLESSSS. Ok bye


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