New Year, New Me - Best of 2018 and My 2019 Resolutions + Writing Goals

Well hello there, friend. Here we are at the beginning of 2019, and I'm still a little shocked that we didn't all die in 2012. #blessed

Last year I had some lofty aspirations that...may or may not have happened (leaning towards 'may not'), but that's okay because some other things took their place.

Best of 2018
  • accidentally went to a R-rated movie in theaters
  • ate almost an entire peanut butter chocolate cake
  • rewatched Psych
  • saw Hamilton
  • grew closer with friends
  • friends moved away
  • went to Europe for a month 
  • fell asleep at a baseball game
  • had to say goodbye to my dog
  • found what I want to do with my life
  • spent most of my summer by a lake 
  • started waking up at 5am
  • finished with math forever
  • reconnected with old friends
  • pulled an all-nighter in a chicken coop (long story)
  • ran through a corn maze at night
  • started an insta (I post infrequently and know nothing about photography. check it out!)
  • bought a ticket to a Maggie Stiefvater writing 
  • spent Christmas screeching into a karaoke machine
2018 was packed full of memories and growth, but did I achieve my resolutions? 

2018 Resolutions: - Do something active every day. Yes, I did. I started the habit of working out that I am bringing into 2019. - Take a vitamin every day. Again, yes! I think I missed a few days when I was in Europe, but that's okay. I am now the picture of health (or at least a vague impression of health). - Find an agent. uhhhh, nope. I wrote some queries, and had every intention to see things further, but then I started college and found myself with far less time. 
I have big plans for 2019. 

Plans that I think are reflected by my 2019 resolutions.
- Floss. (well that was anticlimactic)  Dental hygiene and I have a rocky relationship, and when it comes to flossing...  Actually, I'd rather not say how long it had been since I'd flossed (you never know who might see this. It's not worth the risk). As I am a very competitive person, resolutions work really well for me because it feels like a dare against myself. Gonna get those healthy gums. (this is clearly the quality content you came here for)
- Become more generous, especially when it comes to food. That may sound like a joke, but it's really not. I am sometimes affectionately referred to as "The Vulture" by my family. When anyone is cooking, I swoop in and steal bits and pieces when their back is turned. My catchphrase is "Are you going to eat that?" When I have food of my own, I turn into Gollum, hoarding it and threatening to eat anyone who even looks at it. #notcute
I'm going to offer my popcorn to people, share candy, do small favors happily, etc. I'm really determined to start a habit of generosity.

Okay, maybe my big plans aren't represented by my resolutions, but that's because most of them have already been set into motion in little ways.

Writing Goals
+ Edit two books. Edit: a word which here means "actually look at for the first time in two years, yikes". 

+ Write two. Write: a word which here means....actually, nevermind, I really do mean "write". 

+ Get Strange Sights ready for publishing. Which may or may not end up being one of the two books I'm editing (it depends on how lazy I'm feeling)

How was your New Year's??? What are some of your goals for 2019?? Any resolutions? Do you have as much trouble with flossing as I do? 



  1. Okay, it flossing is something I have seriously struggled with for YEARS. It's a nightmare. But lately I've been doing better, so??? 😂😂

    And your goals for 2019 sound like so much fun!!! But also terrifying... Because PUBLISHING. That is a beastie that I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle yet... *distant screaming* My writing goals are slightly similar. I want to finish editing my fourth " draft of everlost, finish drafting the first draft of a book I started in November, and write a whole new book during the camps. But I'm also looking into entering Pitch Wars if I can, so...yeah. *more screaming*

    I wish you all the absolute BESTEST of luck with each and every one of your goals!! I hope 2019 is your best year yet!! <33

    1. Girl, same. And go you for doing better! It took a resolutions for me to improve at all, so you're ahead. ;)

      Thank you, I am currently hiding under my bed in fear of possibly publishing. I WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK IN YOUR WRITING GOALS!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!

      Thanks! Right back atcha. <3

    2. But hey, at least you're improving, though, right???

      Okay, but you are going to ROCK the publishing thing!!! *insert eleventh doctor GIF* YOU CAN DO IT!!! And ack!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <333

  2. Girl, I feel you with flossing. I CAN NEVER REMEMBER TO DO IT. The dentist told me I should, but... do I ever listen to the dentist? Not really...?

    (Also I hate the other kind of flossing, that odd dance move kids these days are obsessed with, so I don't do that either.)

    Good luck with those resolutions! I've probably set unrealistic writing goals for myself, but then again if I really throw myself into it I know I CAN do it. We'll see lol.

    Awesome post!

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. Honestly, I love that I'm not the only one who has issues with this. XD

      And I HATE IT TOO. IT'S THE WORST. all of those children need to find a better hobby.

      I believe in you! You can achieve your writing goals, and I can achieve my goals, and we will be victorious.

  3. Good luck with your resolutions! I didn't manage to find an agent last year either, but here's to all the days ahead this year! Also, I 100% feel with that editing thing. :///

    Snapper |

    1. Thanks! And I believe in us. WE CAN FIND AN AGENT AND ACHIEVE OUR DREAMS.

  4. Wait - YOU SAW HAMILTON???? #lifegoals How was it? Is it amazing in person???

    And good luck with your resolutions! Gah, flossing is so hard to remember, and I have a really bad history with dental issues . . . -_-

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT??? it was so surreal, and so so amazing.

      lol we should start a club. i'm very glad to know i'm not the only one. ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, Evangeline, you crack me up with your humor! I literally laughed so hard at all of the little mini comments you sprinkled throughout this post LOL. Um, please tell me more about how you pulled an all-nighter in a chicken coop?! And I am totally here for 2019, aka the Year of Healthy Gums. :)

    1. You're the actual sweetest. Thank you!! <3

      haha a friend and I lost track of time talking and playing with her new chicks, and then we decided to stay up like the wild teenagers we were. ;P We ran around in the night, watching city lights, and then hurried back to the heat lamps and fluffy chicks. #goodtimes

  6. Hahaha flossing was my goal for 2018, and I'm glad to say I got a /ton/ better at it! Also YOU SAW HAMILTON??? LUCKY

    Best of luck with your 2019 goals! You're going to KILL them. Happy New Year!

    1. omg you're my inspiration. and I KNOW it's the craziest thing.

      Thanks! Happy New Year!!

  7. NOICE. these are great. my goal for this year is to doing 15 min of meditation every day, and read a page of a book daily!

  8. Wow, way to keep up on those 2018 goals! *insert applause here* You had a very eventful 2018, some of which raises questions, but those questions lead to stories, so it's wonderful. I've been trying to floss more since November, and it's, eh--happening, I suppose. Woohoo? As for my own resolutions: I don't have any. Goals, perhaps, but not resolutions. Not dying is a pretty solid goal I have currently. Being generous is a really sweet resolution of yours, very soft and "uwu". I hope you succeed in your writing projects! Time to go scour your blog and see if there's any reference to this "Strange Sights"--it sounds interesting, based on title.

  9. I just found out about your blog and I LOVE IT SO MUCH AHHHH. Your flossing comment cracked me up but girl, do I relate?! Seriously, I hate flossing. NOT TO MENTION FOOD HOARDING. THAT'S TOTALLY ME TOO.



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