Obligatory NaNoWriMo Post|| NaNo Diary (sort of)

Well hello there, friend. (I meant to do a NaNo diary of sorts on here, but here we are, the day after Thanksgiving... oops)

nanowrimo this year has been writing late into the night, listening to the rain, cups of herbal tea, tending to plants, listening to soft music, loving my story with all my heart. calm and happy in my solitary journey.
half-asleep mornings dragging myself out of bed and writing what little I can before starting the day. not reaching par for most of the month, telling myself that THIS will be the day I catch up. gulping cups of black tea. feeling like I'm falling behind on everything. missing my writing buddies.

NaNoWriMo Diary
(p.s. after reading back over this post, I realized that I took some inspiration from Erin's The 25 Project

day 22: thanksgiving smells filling the house while i run from the kitchen to my laptop and back to the kitchen, snatching scraps of food and unfinished desserts.

day 23: watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies with my family, trying to get the words in while laughing at every line.

day 24: hahaha oops (no words today)

day 25: singing offkey with my family to 80s music while all making dinner. lovely chaos. typing furiously between turns on a board game

day 26: waking up too early to tackle a big test, opening all the windows while it rained, writing into the night.

day 27: sleeping in, writing 3,000 in a half an hour. eating a cupcake to congratulate myself.

day 28: sitting under fluorescent lights, my soul dying a little as i work with numbers. dreaming of writing while i work.

day 29: trying not to panic that i'm behind, knowing that i can make it. eating chocolate and sipping chai, writing 4,000 in one sitting.

day 30: waking up determined to write 8,000 while studying for my next quiz. guzzling cups of tea and eating spoonfuls of peanut butter. celebrating my win with peanut butter ice cream and driving lessons with my sister.

I've been in love with Strange Sights since I first scribbled the tagline on a napkin during a family dinner. It was swirling around in my mind for a year and a half before I finally wrote a messy first draft last year. This year, I've been rewriting it, expecting to laugh at the disaster that it was, but...surprisingly, I am proud of that first draft. It is ambitious, meaningful, emotional, character-driven, and so so messy and all over the place.

I can't wait for people to read it someday.

How did your NaNo go??? Did you make it alive? (are you a ghost now? because that's a pretty good excuse to not write) 
(for all my non-NaNoers): How was your month? Anything crazy happen? like...writing a novel in a month.



  1. I loved this! I wanted to do a NaNo Diary thing-a-ma-jig this year, too, but it kind of failed. So. YOU DID MUCH BETTER THAN I. 😂 Also your NaNo sounded so aesthetic and warm and cozy and like??? HOW DO YOU DO THIS?

    I think I made it out of my NaNo alive....maybe. I feel a little dead inside. Does that count as being a ghost??? 😂 But OH MY WORD CONGRATULATIONS ON THAT AMAZING WIN!!! 3,000 in thirty minutes???? Please teach me your ways..

    1. Thanks! And I mean, you get points for trying! lol thanks. I tried to to have things be cozy and chill so I could not FOCUS ON STRESS, and it worked. Family helps, too. ;) I'm a sucker for candles, so candles 24/7 contributed (it's only a small fire hazard).

      GO YOU!!! If you died a little on the inside, that's okay, it comes with the territory. After that 3,000 in 30 minutes, I no longer have fingers (and most of the words are misspelled lol).

  2. GAH YES I love your NaNo Diary scraps! :) Especially the parts about dreaming of writing during work and rewarding yourself with glorious peanut butter, cupcakes, and the like. Those rewards make writing so worth it. Can't wait to hear more about your novel! I did not participate in NaNo but I have been writing more lately, which is lovely. :) Great post! Happy December!!

    1. Aw thank you! lol those rewards were my favorite part as well. XD

      That's awesome that you've been writing more, and it sounds like you've been enjoying it. Happy December!


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