The Only Romance Books I'll Read + My 4 Favorite RomanceTropes

Well hello there, friend. I was going to post this in February, but I figured I would go against the crowd like the rebel I am.

When in comes to romance, I am a cantankerous old man or a squealing pterodactyl who ships anything that moves. There is no in between. Though if the story is ONLY romance, I can't stomach it. Usually. There are a few exceptions.
Why Romance Is The Worst
  • Two people making eyes at each other.
  • possibly getting mono.
  • surprise, there's poor communication involved
  • wow look at how much I don't care about drama. 
  • now revenge I am down for.
  • all the revenge stories!!
I was planning on doing a TOP 10 ROMANCE BOOK FAVS post, but when I started writing it I found out that, oops, I only have 3. (and while we're at it, why not throw in some more lists, because if Cait @ Paper Fury has taught me anything, it's an appreciation of lists.)

Why I Liked It
  • All the Bright Places doesn't feel like a romance. 
  • It's about healing and breaking.
  • a lot of mental illness issues.
  • I'm obsessed with Finch.
  • I mean, yeah he's kind of a common character,
  • also ow it hurts
  • when I finished this book, I set it down
  • and sobbed. 
Why I Liked It
  • It's adorable 
  • one of my favorite dynamics
  • it's thought provoking, and brings about a great debate of morals and how much of our existence is our choice. 
  • also many tears were shed. 
Why I Liked It

  • oh boy. 
  • Whisper To Me is twisty and jarring and messy
  • but it's also sweet and soft.
  • also dead bodies and trauma
  • I also cried lots during this one.
  • I'm noticing a theme here...
Despite being picky and curmudgeonly about matters of the romantic sort, there are 4 tropes that will melt my heart of stone (just kidding, I cry almost every day. wow, how hardcore am I).

Favorite Romance Tropes
#1. the "I hate you. oops, jk, I love you."
How many times have I seen this? All the time. And how many times have I loved it? All the time.
Enemies to lovers is the best because 9 times out of 10 it includes sarcastic fighting. What else could you want? Bonus points if they end up stuck together on a quest or something.

#2 the "fake it 'til you make it." (also known as "To All the Boys I've Loved Before")
Did this post just turn into an To All the Boys I've Loved Before appreciation post??? yes. yes it did.

Pretending to like someone until you actually do is the ideal way to fall in love. Bonus points if you're pretending to love them on the threat of death. 

#3 the "tale as old as time."
I love the Beauty and the Beast trope because it usually involves some dramatic boy wailing "NO ONE COULD EVER LOVE ME." and the longsuffering angel responding with "if you weren't a jerk, I would." Bonus points if there is an enchanted castle with a huge library.

#4 the "my soul is darkness but with you i'm fine"
The dark, tortured soul who needs the human sunflower to bring out the softie in them. Usually a Slytherin/Hufflepuff relationship. When I was little, I was convinced that I would be the dark tortured soul (what a good joke. I squeal when I see puppies. so dark and tortured). Bonus points if a dark childhood is confessed.

What are your favorite romance tropes? Fav romance books? Do you like romance?
(If you answered NO, then boy do I have a movie idea for you. The Purge: Valentines Day. Thoughts?)



  1. I loved this post!! And the way you write is beautiful! (It's got personality for sure!) Fate it until you make it... You have me laughing!! Great post. I'll have to read some of the books I haven't read yet.

    1. Thanks! Aw, you're so sweet. And if you check out the books, I hope you like them!

  2. Excellent post!! *applauds* I may have to steal the idea, actually ;-P

  3. *laughing* Gosh, I loved this! AND YES, WHISPER TO ME MADE ME SOB! TATBILB is amazing as well. I've watched it so many times....


    1. Thank you! And WHISPER TO ME WRECKED MY HEART. lol TALBILB is a great movie to rewatch.

  4. I'm pretty much open about my dislike for romance in general. Except when it comes to Korean dramas. There are some problems with some, but I basically have somewhat lower standards for them, I guess.

    I've read Me Before You and liked it but definitely not for the romance. I've also heard of those other books.

    I liked the romance in To All The Boys I've loved Before (but not in book 1), Starfish by Akemi Bowman and the Geek Girl series. Also Cinder (I like Kai because he reminds me of someone), Kindred by Octavia Butler? I don't remember more, if there's any xD

    I'm not so into romance to the point where I have certain tropes but I guess I like the fake dating thing. Seems like quite interesting.

    1. Hm, I've never seen any Korean dramas, but they seem fun.

      Yeah? Me Before You is a good book as a whole. I'm a fan. ;)

      I haven't read the Geek Girl series, or Kindred, but I'll have to add them to my ever growing TBR lol.

  5. YES the love stories where the characters hate each other is kind of the jam. Because secretly you know there's something there. And To All the Boys I Loved Before is so cute! I read all the books and watched the Netflix movie recently and it was adorable. :)

    1. Right? Those types of relationships are the best. I should give the book another go. I enjoyed it a bit, but not nearly as much as the movie.

  6. Enemies to lovers usually comes with A+ banter. That's my excuse for adoring it, and I'm sticking to it. (For loving the fake relationships where they both accidentally fall in love and pretend their emotions are still fake, I have no excuse. Not knowing the culture and accidentally proposing? only ever seen it in fanfiction [usu. Middle Earth fics], but I expand my lifespan by several weeks every time I read one of those.)

    Loved this post, Evangeline; would read another (maybe a list of "10 romances I hated SO MUCH for REASONS"?) if you felt inclined... ;)

    1. The banter is the BEST!!! I'm a fan. Definitely a good excuse. ;) And those fanfics sound great.

      Thank you! That's actually a really good idea (though I don't know how soon you'll see it. BUT YOU WILL SEE IT!!)

  7. I personally hate #1, but #2-4 are my favorites, especially fake-it-til-you-make-it, like stupid hallmark movies where they have to pretend to be engaged, or such. So cute, although probably one of the most unbelievable. Great post.

    1. lol i love those Hallmark movies. They're so cheesy and delightful. :)

  8. "Squealing-pterodactyl-who-ships-anything-that-moves", what a mood.
    I think #1 can be frustrating, but my parents lived it, so I won't deny it has some deep-seeded appeal to me. The grim possibility of getting mono is amusingly addressed in a comedy sketch by Studio C--I recommend it.
    Great post, I enjoyed it and relate on most if not all of it!


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