Q&A + My Top 10 Favorite Songs (right now)

Well hello there, friends. How are you today?

The world is a wide wide place, full of things to do and see. I am a wee tadpole in a large large pond full of sharks (and not nice sharks either. The mean sharks. With teeth.), therefore, being a wee tadpole, I don't like to go anywhere outside my lil hometown without at least 15 bodyguards (just kidding...16), and I know it's a shock, but I haven't done everything in the world.

There's lots of stuff I haven't done:
  • skydiving
  • riding a camel
  • reading all the books on my TBR
  • fitting a whole cake in my mouth (but not for lack of trying)
  • jumping off a cliff
I also have never done a Q&A.

(I bet you can never guess what I'm going to say next)

I'm going skydiving. 
(jk, I'm going to do a Q&A)
So. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have about me, my writing, life, why the chicken crossed the road, etc.

One question that I will save you from asking is: What have you been listening to recently? (because you all want to know, right?)

My Top 10 Favorite Songs 
(as of right now. I'm so changeable)
 Before we dive right in, I want to explain something.

I am not picky about my music. I don't really consider whether or not a song is actually...good. To me, it just matters if I like it or not. Basically, I have no actual taste in music (so by all means, listen to my music recommendations)

#1 Open Season - High Highs a.k.a. just a surprisingly pleasant song. 
I usually find all of my favorite music like I find things in the dark: by stumbling on it. And there was no exception when it came to Open Season. It was actually the lovely Erin who introduced it to me. It took one listen, and I WAS IN LOVE.

It makes me feel like I should be laying on a lawn, drinking strawberry lemonade with all of my many friends, discussing the complexities of life (which kind of speaks for the song because a) I think grass is itchy, b) I don't have very many friends (yes, my mother counts), and c) I can't think of any complexities of life).

#2 Pull Yourself Together - The Boxer Rebellion a.k.a. my life goal song.
I found this lovely song through a friend (wow, everyone else has all the good music), and once I heard it, I was OBSESSED (which I know I said about the first song, but I am just very passionate about music)

When I hear it, everything falls into place. Time slows down. I am hydrated. I suddenly have the urge to light candles and moisturize.

 #3 Audition (The Fools Who Dream) - La La Land
She spent a month sneezing, but said she would do it again.
THAT LINE. I know, out of all the lovely lyrics from that song, the one about sneezing is the one that inspires me. Figures...

Whenever I listen to it, I see my life play out as a lovely, wild jumble of adventure and unexpected trips to far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise! (wait, I'm doing Beauty and the Beast again...) 

#4 ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift a.k.a. I am expecting to be shunned now.

I feel like I just immediately lost any faith y'all had in me, but like I said at the beginning, I don't necessarily think it's good, but I like it, so...

Honestly, I am a loyal Taylor Swift fan (not like, psycho-fan, but I enjoy her music). A while ago, my sister and I had Singing Sundays where we would pick a song and sing it acapella before we went to bed (and by "a while ago", I mean 7 years ago), and nine times out of ten, we would pick a T-Swizzle song, so I have nostalgic attachment to her music. 

#5 So Will I - Bethel Worship Team a.k.a. the perfect worship song.
I ADORE THIS SONG. I've grown up hearing a lot of worship music, and now most of it all just sounds like noise to me, so I'm super picky about the worship music I listen to.

BUT Y'ALL. THIS SONG. It makes me cry every time I hear it, and that says a lot because I cry very easily...

#6 Silhouette - Aquilo a.k.a. let's go cry now.
Being a writer, I tend to associate certain songs with certain characters, so when this song became attached to a character who is very dear to my heart, the song itself became dear to my heart. Whenever I hear it, I become a little puddle of emotion and angst. THE POOR DARLING IS PUT THROUGH TORTURE AND SO MUCH SADNESS (granted, I am the one doing that to him, but..I'M STILL SAD)

#7 The Ballad of Cleopatra - The Lumineers a.k.a. WHAT A JOURNEY.

The Ballad means a lot to me. It captures so much feeling in such a short amount of time. The tone changes and shifts, but the main theme is the what-ifs of life. It's inspired me to take more chances and not second-guess myself so much (which loosely translates to: hitting send on emails without editing them 15+ times). I love the story that plays out through the video. When The Lumineers released each video separately, it was an easter egg hunt for details that connected the videos, but now we have a beautiful story playing out clearly. 

This is my Lemonade (no offense, Beyonce, you're still great), and I adore analyzing what everything means. "The Ballad of Cleopatra" will always hold a special place in my heart.

#8 Chasing Cars - Sleeping At Last a.k.a. the perfect song for looking out a rainy car window.
When I audition for "girl dramatically looking out window", I will play this song. And I will get the part. Chasing Cars is melancholy but also sweet. Sad but beautiful. It's the kind of song that you can't get tired of (kind of like ice cream and a good book). When I listen to it, the world kind of fades to the background. 

Sherlock is so offended and I love it. 
#9 Phoenix - Fall Out Boy a.k.a. I AM GOING TO CONQUER A VILLAGE.
Whenever I need the power of 1000 men heading off to war, I listen to this song. I swear, I could punch through solid rock after hearing this. This will be my theme song if I become the YA heroine of a dystopian novel. 

It's also tied to a lot of good memories, most of which involve learning how to fight and a red moon (wow, now I really sound the heroine of a dystopian novel)

#10 Welcome Home - Radical Face a.k.a. I discovered Radical Face and I am listening to ALL their music.
I heard it on Pandora and then could not find this song for the LONGEST time, and then one day it just came up on my Suggested feed on Youtube! Oh how the fates smiled upon me. I am so thrilled that I found Radical Face (to be very honest, there was a tiny bit of me that was pleased to have found a group not a lot of people knew about. I AM THE ORIGINAL FAN). Now just imagine my disappointment when I heard "Welcome Home" played on the radio...

Whenever I hear it, I feel like I am stepping into my future home filled with light (I know that's exactly what the song wants you to feel, but still, it does its job)

BONUS MYSTERY SONG: click, if you dare. 
(you're welcome)

Have you heard any of these songs (and do you like them)? What did you think of the bonus song (do you hate me now)?
What are you thoughts on Taylor Swift's new music? Do you think she is secretly raising an army of snakes to take over the music industry? Hey, don't laugh, it's just a theory...



  1. THE PHOENIX YEESSSSSSSSS. I recently fell in love for real with FOB and I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THEM. <3333333 I love it. You have wonderful taste in music.

  2. Hey, I like Tay-Tay, too. Her newest music isn't my favorite, but I still like her.

    Also, "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" is all the gorgeous, and I like The Lumineers' sound, too. (I'm particularly fond of "Ho Hey" and "Ophelia".)

    I should listen to "Silhouette"!

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one anymore. XD

      Right? I adore "Audition".

      You should! Though I now have a strong bond with it, so it might not be as good as I think. XD

  3. "Which loosely translates to: hitting send on emails without editing them 15+ times ". Out of this entire post, why is this the line I relate to the most? Though sometimes, I honestly should edit them 15 times, or else I'll say something I probably should/didn't mean. But seriously, I obsess over emails. Like, it's basically a text message. Two sentences. What's the big deal? But I do it anyway.

    Anyway, this was awesome! I always enjoy learning about people's musical interests!

    1. lol same. XD I made a rule for myself that I can't go back and change everything in emails.

      Aw thanks! :)

  4. *pulls up spotify* *stares out window dramatically* yup. good stuff.

  5. lol I'm the same way with music. I have a kinda style? which is instrumental pop/soundtrack/worship/everything else but I don't really take recommendations because I'm so picky. I get new music if I've listened to it, usually accidentally, and deciding that I like it XD

  6. I've heard #3 and #9, and I LOOVEE #3 too! Especially that line! It's so sweet, and it says so much with so few words. In response to the T-swizzle question, I like the sound of the new ones, but the message is hard for me to get behind. I don't find that the lyrics resonate with me. I enjoy songs that sound cool, and where I don't understand what they're saying most of the time because then I can just appreciate the music without worrying about whether the lyrics are seeping into my brain and influencing my mood, makin' me wanna go punch my enemies and get a makeover. XD Cool post, thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Exactly! That line just has so much emotion behind it.

      Yeah, I definitely understand the message being hard to get behind (and relate to, as we are have not been publically broken up with many times XD).

  7. RADICAL FACE! Also the entire La La Land soundtrack is absolutely amazing and I've probably listened to it once too many. The latest one I've been obsessed with is The Greatest Showman soundtrack. It's way too good.

    Just stumbled across your blog by accident, glad I did!

    1. YOOO! Welcome. :)

      I am dying to see The Greatest Showman. As soon as I see it, I'll probs just have it on repeat. ;)

  8. Omg I love Aquilo too!! And Sleeping At Last!! AND FALL OUT BOY. (Omg their new album is so freaking awesome I just love it so much. Also their songs are so weird??? But somehow I still love them. 😂😂)

    1. Aren't they the greatest?? And Sleeping At Last will always be a go to. <3

      THEIR LATEST ALBUM IS TO DIE FOR. I've been playing it on repeat.

  9. I feel so PRIVILEGED to have introduced u to one of ur favorite songs. My heart is legit warmed.

    1. Thank YOU!!! It took one listen, and I was in love. :)

  10. I honestly hadn't heard of half of these until now, but I'm excited to have a list of new songs to try out:) Thanks for the recommendations!


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