5 Things I'm Thankful For + THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS

Well hello there, friends.

Since Thanksgiving is an unknown amount of days away (or maybe it's already passed. I don't quite know when I'll be posting this. Forgive me for the jumbled nature of this post), I thought I would do something super original and clever that no one has ever thought of before, and talk about thankfulness!. *cue surprised gasps* I know. What a shocker.

Honestly, Thanksgiving for me is one of the times that I feel least grateful. It's not that it makes me unhappy or anything (though I am slightly disappointed in the Pilgrims for their lack of planning and farming skills. Get it together, Pilgrims), I just like to try and live in a constant state of gratefulness (yes, I am one of those annoying sunshine and rainbows and unicorns kind of people). New Year's Eve is when I feel the most happy, and floaty, and grateful, which I'll probably do a post all about why I love New Year's Eve so much since MY GOODNESS IT IS ALMOST TIME FOR US TO BREAK OUT THE PARTY HATS (and thank goodness, we're going to be changing the 7 to an 8 because I didn't know how long we were going to be able to go without 7 going on another murderous rampage. ...get it? Because 7 ate 9? hehe, i'm hilarious).

Back to the point: Thanksgiving is a time of thankfulness (I know, I'm as surprised as you are), and so I'm going to list 5 things that I am grateful for in no particular order.
(and I'm going to try to leave out the obvious, like family or freedom. Of course we're grateful for freedom, you cracked walnut.)

#1 Music
If I am sitting still, I'm listening to music. Sometimes even if I'm not sitting still, music is going. It means something different to each person, and favorite songs are super personal. It can invoke a variety of emotions, and it's really just so lovely. I am an avid believer in musical therapy. I really like music. (this is what I'm listening to as I write this)

I am thankful for it because it makes everything happier or sadder or more dramatic (it's why movies have soundtracks. Without it, the movie would be bland).

#2 Journaling
I love journaling. I think that it is something hugely therapeutic. If anyone comes to me with a problem, my answer is usually journaling (and unless you are Batman and are worried someone might read your diary and find out your secret identity, I'll probably suggest journaling to you, too).
  • Feeling sad that time is going by so fast? Journal. 
  • Want to remember that vacation forever? Journal.
  • Something you love is gone forever? Journal every detail (what? no this isn't from personal experience at all)
These past two years of my life have been filled with the most growth and memories that I want to hold onto forever. I love reminiscing and having nostalgia-fests. Journaling is a great way to enable that. Though it's not so great if you are hiding a secret identity. 

aka why superheroes shouldn't keep a diary. 
I am thankful for it because it's a stress reliever, an outlet for my rants without hurting anyone's feelings, a way to process, and how I remember things without having to be good at photography (cameras and I are not friends)

#3 Plants
Plants are great. They give us oxygen, food, and someone to talk to (just me who talks to plants and has no friends? Okay cool).

I am currently surrounded by three bouquets of flowers and eight succulents (granted, the flowers are dying and the succulents need to be watered, but THEY'RE THERE). I'm very thankful that I've had access to plants and been able to incorporate them into my life (because they make me happy, and why shouldn't I surround myself with what makes me happy. This is also my argument for wanting to get 15 cats).

#4 My Dog + other tiny adorable animals that are just as importantOH WAIT MY DOG IS THE BEST ONE. (I mean no offense if you have a tiny adorable animal, but also....fight me)
I am so in love with my lil pupper. Whenever I see him, my day gets instantly better, no matter how amazing my day already is. I COULD WRITE AN ENTIRE POST ABOUT HOW PERFECT HE IS. I like to snuggle with him as he begrudgingly puts up with me. We have a good thing going. 

I am thankful that he has been so wonderful for 7 years, and he still looks (and acts sometimes) like a puppy. Despite him being a middle aged dog, he is my little baby. (It's not weird, you're weird. Whatever.)

#5 Tea
Again, I could write an entire post dedicated to how much I love tea. When I'm cold (which is 78% of the time since I live in the Northwest. All we have here is rain and slushy snow. It is the land of vampires), I can sip on a cup of tea and the warmth pools in my stomach, filling me up with heat. When I'm having a rough day, a cuppa always makes the world seem right again.

A lot of people think I'm joking when I talk about tea very seriously, but I cannot stress enough that I am not joking: I am very passionate about tea (I'm actually looking into starting a job at a tea shop).

I am thankful that tea is a constant supporter of my creative endeavors. I never feel more like myself than when I have a mug of tea in hand.

Now for the part you've all been waiting for: THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS.

(First let's make sure we're on the same page). Being really happy all the time, to me, doesn't mean pretending that all the horrible and heartbreaking things in the world aren't happening. It would be silly to hide in our blanket fort and pretend that everything was perfectly fine (though I am all for the blanket fort), but that doesn't mean that we have to act like Eeyore 24/7 (sorry buddy, but you're not the greatest role model).
See? You gotta lighten up, dude. 
Okay, now that we agree that being happy all the time doesn't mean ignoring everything else, we can continue. It also doesn't mean looking happy all the time. Just because I'm happy doesn't mean that I go around grinning like the Joker. Being happy doesn't mean that I have to look happy. There's a time and a place. Example: I'm not going to be grinning at a funeral, but I haven't lost my happiness. I could write a whole different blog post on my thoughts about happiness, but that's not what we're here for, is it? We're here for THE SECRET. 

The secret to happiness is simple. It's this: gratefulness.

Now you probably already know that and implement it in your life to some extent, but do you implement it to the full extent??? Probs not. I don't. But I'm working on it.

The more you look around and appreciate what you have, the more you'll find that you can't help but be happy all the time. When I looked around at what I was grateful for, I also noticed things that I didn't before, like that really cool bird or that cloud that's so bright pink it might be a signal from an alien civilization, telling us of their impending invasion. So really, looking at what you have, and what's in the world around you, might save you from aliens.
It can be a hard cycle to break into, but once you do, you're stuck. You can't help but notice things that you are thrilled about. Like right now I just saw my dog walk past my room and I got a little thrill from how grateful I am to have him.
Also, I'm wearing some pretty rockin' socks.

And I have a cup of tea.

What's something you're thankful for? (also, let's just ignore the fact that I posted this after Thanksgiving) Do you agree with my secret to happiness? Do you have your own? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. Also, go you for making it through such a long post. You the real MVP. 



  1. I have only recently discovered the magic that is TEA <3 And oh my goodness I love it! Journaling and music are also two things that keep me sane. Also: I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like I am the most thankful on Thanksgiving. Because I try to give thanks all year, too, when the actual day comes around there is sometimes this odd pressure to be even more thankful? I don't know if that makes sense GAH but yes, thank you for writing this. :)

    1. RIGHT? Tea is life. Journaling and music are honestly life staples.

      Exactly! And yes, that made sense. Glad t o know that I am not the only one, too. :)

  2. I'm grateful for this post- especially that golden closing paragraph!

  3. Is your dog in agreement with your plan to get 15 cats?? (And considering that my 'baby' - or one of them - is an 82-year-old dwarf, your dog being your little baby is not weird in the slightest.) (*sobs for Fili*)

    (Frankly, I have no idea how superheroes can possibly still claim to have secret identities... there's usually at least ten people who know + not all of them are friendly??)
    - Jem Jones

    1. Haha...maybe not, but we'll come to an agreement. ;D (NOOOO, FILI, MY OTHER BABY!!!!!)

      Right? That secret identity is not so secret.

  4. I'm thankful for the internet (for without it, I would have no friends)

  5. Plants and music -- yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!! (Not that I don't love tea and my dog and that I don't journal OBSESSIVELY, because I do, but plants and music are definitely things I "forget" to be thankful for.


    1. Right? It's amazing how many little things I've taken for granted.


  6. Being grateful is for sure a great reason for happiness! I don't ever think there's like one fullproof way or anything and honestly happiness is hard for a lot of people even when they ARE grateful! But I love that you've taught yourself to be grateful/thankful for so many things. GOOD ON YOU. I'm always grateful of my doggo when he decides to cuddle me instead of, you know, eating my socks.😂

    1. Totally! I should have specified that it's MY secret to happiness. XD There are a lot of factors that can make happiness harder (whether that be mental, physical, or surroundings, they're all valid).
      PETS ARE ONE OF THE BEST REASONS TO BE GRATEFUL. And may I just say, your tiny pupper is adORABLE.

  7. Yes to the things you're thankful for! They make life so much better in their own way. :) And I agree with you about gratefulness being the secret to happiness. It's made me happier and closer to God. Thanks for this post, I believe I shall write a list of things I'm thankful for before going to bed tonight! Also, I came here from your interview on Erin's blog, and I really appreciated the wisdom you shared over there too! xx

    1. Yes! Gratefulness is also a great way to get closer to God. When we're able t o really appreciate what He has given us, it just makes Him all the more amazing. :)
      Aw, thank you for taking the time to check out my blog!


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