My Summer Reading List: Pt. 1| Secret Science (the best kind) + I Just Got Dissed By A Title???

Most bookworms are delusional (though I fall under the category of bookdragon, therefore I am not delusional.). I don't want to say all bookworms (even though that's what I'm thinking) because then I'll get someone in the comments saying "Not all bookworms."

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Why are bookworms delusional? Simple. Even though we make jokes and laugh about how tall and terrifying our TBR is, we hold onto hope, hope that one day we just might crawl out from the shadow of those books, shrinking the pile one by one. We hold on to hope that one day we will develop self-control as we click Purchase on our book order. In reality, the pile will only get bigger. In fact, it might grow by itself now, when it thinks you're not looking.

I gave up hope a long time ago. At this point, I've begun to welcome more books. I'm making use of them. I don't have a mattress anymore, it has been taken over by books. I sleep on pillows of paperbacks. On the plus side: I might soak up the stories at night instead of having to read anything. #multitasking

Unfortunately, the reading through osmosis has been unsuccessful, therefore I must actually read books myself. Since realizing that I am going to indeed be smushed into a crepe by my TBR, I have devised a battle plan, a list, to slowly chip away at books I have been dying to get to (Let's be honest: 40% are rereads. There are so many new stories and fab books, but why read those when I can reread favorites?).

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Why It's Perfect For Summer
  • MAGIC. I mean, magic and summer go hand in hand. Why do you think magic camp is always held in the summer? Not because school is out, but because magic tricks only work in the summer. Duh. 
  • Science. You may be saying: "But isn't the glory of summer the fact that we don't have to do science and other boring schoolwork?" Let me tell you a thing. You see that sun up there, making it summer? How does it do that? Answer: SCIENCE. Your ice cream cone is melting. Why? Answer: SCIENCE. Science is everywhere, you just have to embrace it. 
  • Secrets. I don't know what secrets have to do with the book, but the title says "Secret" so there better be some secrecy, dangit! Give the people what they want. 
  • I kind of don't know anything else about the book. I'm assuming by the hearts on the cover and the two figures that there's probably a cute romance which also goes perfect with summer. Idk, tho. They could be brother and sister for all I know. 
  • UPDATE: I just read the synopsis again, and apparently Sophie (who is our female MC) is a super smart human but is also lowkey scared of becoming the typical super smart anti-social recluse.
  • and, good news, the male MC, Joshua, has a crush on Sophie (and they are not brother and sister. Just thought I'd clarify that).
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Why It's Perfect For Summer
  • This book is the essence of summer. I think it even takes place in the summer. 
  • I have read it before (which is a casual way of saying "I know every word by heart"), so I know what I'm talking about here (for once)
  • There's a boy venturing into the unknown swamp to explore, and he has lots of complications and shenanigans along the way (as you know, shenanigans are synonymous with summer)
  • Pet turkeys, alligators, and poker matches. I don't know about y'all, but that sounds like summer to me (my childhood was perfectly normal, thank you).  
  • Treecastles. How could I not mention the treecastles? Think Swiss Family Robinson (which is my dream. Who wants to run away and live in a tree house with me?)
  • OH. GUYS. THERE'S AN ADORABLE DOG, TOO. Dogs are very much so a summer mammal. The most summery mammal I can think of. They're also the best (I am in no way biased by the fact that I have my own puppy, and that he is my favorite family member). Dogs are great. 
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Why It's Perfect For Summer
  • WARS (that are apparently fierce. I will be the judge of that)
  • LOVES (which are apparently faithful, but once again, I will be the judge of that)
  • This is a collection of poetry, and poetry, as we all know, is made to be read whilst lying under a tree in the sun. 
  • I don't read a lot of poetry (I know, Jerry, I'm uncultured. You can stop laughing), and what better time to step out of my comfort zone than...*drumroll* SUMMER. 
  • I am a curious bean, therefore I must know everything, and when I haven't been able to pin down exactly what this book is, the curiosity has only grown (okay fine, that doesn't have anything to do with summer).  
  • OH! Apparently there is humorous commentary (not gonna lie, I definitely accidently wrote "cemetery" instead of "commentary" and now I want to read a book featuring a humorous cemetery). I relate to humorous commentary because I, too, like to judge things and make sarcastic comments. On a completely unrelated note: I think I just figured out what I'm going to do for my career. (oh, btw, this relates to summer because...commentary is made much greater when read in sweltering heat. True story, bro)
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Why It's Perfect For Summer
  • Because I'm pretty sure I just got burned by a title?? And like the title, I get burned by the sun (they're both totally related)
  • And what better time to criticize my writing and my life than summer-time?
  • This is the kind of book that is perfect to read in a coffee shop. Then laugh at the irony of it.
  • I'm sure I will be able to bear my own self-criticism more easily in the warmth of the summer sun. Everything is better in the warmth of the sun. Except for spiders. 
  • Nothing can ever make spiders better. 
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Why It's Perfect For Summer
  • It literally takes place on a beach. During summer. In a little tourist town. IT'S PERFECT.
  • I have also read this before, and it's a favorite. So clearly, summer is the best time to reread things. 
  • There are hijinks and crazy schemes and lollipops (which are all solely attributed to summer)
  • I actually learned a lot of helpful household hacks from this book because the main character is a total nerd. 
  • Walking along beaches and doing yard-work. 
  • Inventive recipes. 
  • Y'all, this is just the best book to read during summertime. 
  • tho tbh, this book made me not want to eat anything pumpkin ever again. If you have a love for pumpkins and do not want that ruined, avoid at all costs. 
Wish me luck at slowly chipping away the beast that is my summer reading list (WHY AM I SO AMBITIOUS? WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF???). Pt. 2 will be coming soon(ish. Don't hold your breath. I still need to finish Pt. 2 of the Dystopian Mini-Reviews). 

What is a "summer" book that you love? Have you read any of these? Are you an adventurous reader? I'm usually not, but this summer I will be (ok, I know poetry isn't that adventurous BUT IT IS FOR ME). What's your favorite thing about summer? And for all my Southern Hemisphere readers: I am so sorry. What's your favorite thing about winter?



  1. Cool books :) I'm planning to read the Secret Science of Magic at some point too. I haven't read any of the rest of them... but Fierce Wars? That's a title. Is that one a classic? Because no publisher today would publish a book with that name XD
    Happy reading this summer!

    1. Very nice! I hope it's a really good book so both you and I are not disappointed. XD

      Right? it is quite the title. I think it was published in 1999?? Maybe.
      Thanks! You too!! :)

  2. I love how fun and witty all your posts are! Good luck with your TBR! I am totally delusional. I'm practically reading three books at once, yet there's somehow always about six books on my currently reading shelf on goodreads... HOW? I don't know.

    1. Aw, you're so sweet. Thanks!

      Oh my goodness, do you have book-ghosts on your Currently Reading shelf?? I'm pretty sure that is what's happening here.


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