War Games| Camp NaNo Hit Me Over The Head With A Bat + My Book Is The Worst Book Of All The Books

Am I insane? I think I am.

Why else would I enter a word goal into that innocent looking bar on Camp NaNo? Why else would I agree to read and review ARCs? Why else would I sign up to write something for a book that's due the first of May? 

On top of my regular schoolwork -- learning two languages (which might be a little dangerous, learning both at the same time. I could accidentally combine them and then create my own super-language where no one understands me. Then again, *dramatic sigh* no one understands me anyway), trying to get on top of TBR, figure out my career and how to get there, and pursue a photography hobby -- I am trying to journal daily, stay consistent with my Bible studies, and further my skills in piano. 

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But I didn't come here to whine (though, tbh, whining on the internet isn't so bad. I can see why so many people do it. In fact, I'm hungry right now. And cold. And I want to read on my deserted island). I came here to talk about what most of y'all are going through right now (solidarity, sister!): Camp NaNo. 

For Camp NaNo this year, I am rewriting my NaNoWriMo 2015 novel. The only problem is: IT IS A HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE MESS. And I don't mean this in that cute writer way of "My novel is so messy, but also secretly beautiful poetry. Hehe." No, nothing as nice as that. 

Reasons why my novel is just...the worst:
(This post has really evolved. I got on here to tell you the premise of my novel and maybe do a Q&A with my characters, but I guess we're going with the whole theme of whining. Cool.)
  • It exists.
  • Just kidding, I love the idea, but the execution is...(for lack of a better word) blech.
  • I did no world-building which is an absolute no-no for a story that relies so heavily ON THE WORLD. 
  • The story is supposed to be very political and all about the inner workings of this kingdom, but what are politics?? What even is the kingdom? Pshh, I have no idea. 
  • The characters are all over the place. With Behind the Glass (a book that I had been working on for 2 years before I finished the first draft), I got to know my peeps, I lived with them, thought about exactly what they would do in situations. I KNEW THEM LIKE THE THEME SONG OF MY FAVORITE TV SHOW (which I am more than happy to sing on cue. Just ask.). Yet for some reason, with War Games, I insisted on plunging headfirst into a world I knew nothing about. 
  • Speaking of which, the MC lives in a palace (#royallife) which she likes to walk around quite a bit in, but I don't even have the layout of the palace. In one scene she's on the west side of the palace, and then in the next she is in the library, which we all know is located on the north side of the palace (does this mean that teleportation is possible? Maybe. I'm not saying no.)
  • ALSO THE TITLE: War Games, which is definitely the name of a popular movie from the 80s (90s? Whatever, it exists.) that I had not heard of until after I came up with the title for my book (which I thought was the best title of all the titles)
I am keeping up with my word count, and I can see that War Games (I still need a new title for it) is improving, but oh so slowly (and I have very little patience). After Camp NaNo, I think I'm going to give War Games a little space, maybe a few galaxies.It used to be one of my favorite ideas ever, but now I'm itching to write Strange Sights (which is actually amazing and magical and CAN I JUST WRITE IT ALREADY?)

I love challenges and being busy, and I feel like that's really where I am right now: in a season of busyness and challenges, but hey, no one ever got any better when everything was easy. I'm excited to see how I juggle everything, but tbh, I mainly want to read and go back to bed. 

Are you doing Camp NaNo? How's it going? What are some of your tips for balancing everything on your To-Do list (or are you not balancing it? Is it like a cruel teeter-totter?)? What's your favorite way to procrastinate? One of my favorite ways is blogging. 


  1. Hahaha.
    I quit NaNo, and it is such a lovely break. I need to get back to writing but I'm a slacker and it's so nice to be able to read some of the books I want for a change and I'm such a slacker and I already said that and this sentence is getting really long so goodbye... XD

    1. You can do anything you set your mind and I believe in you but sometimes a break is needed and I totally understand because reading is very important and this sentence is also getting long. #twins

  2. *sends chocolate, blankets, and books to satisfy your hunger, cold, and desire to read*

    I'm not doing Camp this time, mostly bc my plate is full enough as it is and my to-do list is the perfect model of an evil teeter-totter. Maybe July! *crosses fingers*

    My favorite tool of procrastination is either blogging, reading blogs, Pinterest, instagram, or google hangouts. I know. It's a list that's way too long.

    1. *wraps self in blankets, books, and chocolate* Ooo yas.

      I totally understand. Those evil teeter-totters will get you.

      Hehe, PINTEREST WAS MADE FOR PROCRASTINATION. It should be called Procrastination instead. XD

  3. Oh, Laura. I hate to tell you this, but if you're a writer, you're already insane... xD
    -Gray Marie

    1. TRUUU. But have fun figuring out which kind of crazy, world!

  4. WOooooah two languages at once?!? YOU'RE INSANE AND ALSO SO ADMIRABLE. 😂 I can't even speak English half the time and it's the only language I have haha.😂 and I totally get the desperation of looking at a book and knowing it's a hot mess buuuut, I'M SURE IT CAN GET TO WHERE YOU NEED IT TO GO THOUGH!! Just feed it cake. That'll fix it.

    (Also I never world build in my 1st drafts and then proceed to hate myself so so much later on.😂)

    1. Well wish me luck because I'm pretty sure both languages are ganging up on me. XD
      I know it can be good with enough work, but WHY CAN'T SOMEONE ELSE DO THE WORK??? I will try the cake cure. It sure can't hurt. I mean, faith, trust, and pixie dust already failed, so I'm desperate.

      (Okay, cool, I'm not alone in my self-loathing.)

  5. Ugh, politics are the WORST and I have NO CLUE how to create floorplans either... *wails*

    1. rIGHT?! What even are politics and floorplans?? This is why we should all just hire someone to write for us. XD

    2. Duuuuuude!!! That should be a thing!! It could be called The Great Novel Swap and it would be lovely. See, you give me your novel idea and I try to write it and I give you mine and you write it for me and everything will go so much better than if we tried to write our own novels??? OOOOORRR WE COULD JUST HIRE A ROBOT OR SMALL RODENT TO TYPE FOR US???


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