End of the Year/Kind of New Year Blogging Recap|| Most Popular Post + I'M A VIGILANTE NOW

Would you look at that? Even more End Of the Year Bloggy Thingies! You're welcome. So buckle up, peeps, because we're going to to look back at all of my blogging endeavors in the past year. Who's excited? 

The best of blogging/bookish stuff in 2016

  • My blog posts changed for the better.
  • I got a lot less cringy. 
  • Looking back at my old posts, I want to burn them, but I can't because then I would be burning my laptop. 
  • That would not end well.
  • I gained a few new followers, so that's fun.
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New favorite book blog you discovered in 2016
Cait (resident crazy person of Paper Fury) is Queen of Blogging. It is true. Her wit and informational yet hilarious style of writing is enough to earn her any title. 

I also adore Acoustic Erin. I always feel like I'm having a conversation with an actual living human (I don't mean to suggest that she is in any way a zombie [though you never know], I simply mean that her writing style is relaxing and laidback enough to simulate an actual conversation). 

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Me trying to be laidback.
Favorite review that you wrote in 2016
I love my Hold Me Like A Breath review that I wrote in my August Favorites post. First of all, I rarely review books that I dislike because why waste the time to tell the world of all the sophisticated and complex reasons why *book* is the worst thing you've ever read when you can convey all of that and more by a simple "meh" or "uhg". Second of all, I LOVE JUDGING BOOKS. It is a wonderful thing to act as a vengeful god, casting down books that did not please me. Oh, this book has no plot and the characters are as flat as a pancake? BOOM, struck down. This character was found kissing someone when they should have been saving the world from that fire breathing lizard??

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LIGHTNING, struck down. I should judge books harshly more often (same time next Tuesday?).

Best event that you took part in i.e. author signings/virtual events
In 2016, I took part in a little vigilante-ism (I know it technically wasn't, but hush, let me have my moment). The short version: I brought a library book to a book signing because I didn't own said book/was too poor to buy it, so I thought "why shouldn't I be the library hero and autograph all the books?". I went to a Pierce Brown event and a Marissa Meyers event. Both times I did the library book thing. 

I might be going to a V.E. Scwab event and a Leigh Bardugo event soon, so I'm super excited for both of those because I have sold my soul for a second book to both ladies at two different times. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't go...

Best blogging moment of 2016
Whenever I saw that people had linked to my blog. I kind of have a heart-attack of happiness that anyone cares about my blog. The fact that people even read it still astounds me.

Most challenging thing about your blogging/reading life
Blogging: I've been trying to work on my content (because we all know that I can do so much better than the unproof-read, oddly formatted, random posts I do. I could turn this blog into the sparkling unicorn I know it could be), but I also have been busier than ever. WHERE DO I DRAW THE LINE?
Where do I let go of my precious blog and realize that I need to start prioritizing things like school and jobs? Because I can't blog from a cardboard box in an alley (I mean, technically I could, but I wouldn't be comfortable. Unless I got a few throw pillows... That could work, make the place a bit more homey).

Reading: Kind of the same problem as above. I have this adorable little quirk where once I start something, I cannot let myself quit. So when I set that goal of 200 books, I was going to reach it if it killed me. I was reading until 3am when I was supposed to be getting up at 7 the next day (and you do not want to see me operate on only 4 hours of sleep. It is not pretty. Think grumpy-zombie-demon-baby x10). Yeah, adorable little quirk.

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Most popular post on your blog this year
Surprisingly, out of the blue, my June Favorites post was the most popular. It isn't even anything different than my other favorites posts. Here I am, trying to think of new post ideas, when all I need to do is just do the same ones over and over, and I guess it'll catch on. 
And this my friends, is the story of how I became famous. 

Post you wished got more love
Well, none of my posts are crazy popular or anything, but there are a few that didn't do as well. 
My Mid(ish) Book Freakout Tag thingie didn't do too great despite me being an eloquent genius. 
I had a lot of fun writing the Halloween post. I adore the Beautiful Books November post because HAVE YOU SEEN MY PUPPY?? How is that post not viral?

Best bookish discovery
I am an actual 70 year-old man who is stubborn, so every time that someone would say "I think you would really like Goodreads. Have you ever checked it out?", I would turn the hose on and spray them with it until they got off my lawn. 
Then I finally decided to see what all the hullabaloo was about. I'm officially addicted, and my TBR has grown into a sentient monster that rivals Godzilla. 

Did you complete any reading goals or challenges that you set for yourself at the beginning of last year?

Why yes, yes I did. I decided that I wanted to read 200 books in the year of 2016. Guess what I completed? MY GOAL.

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Thank you, thank you.
And that concludes the Bloggy Wrapup thing (aren't you so glad that I know all the technical terms?).

If you have a blog: What has been your favorite (or just one of your favorites if you're indecisive) blogging moment?
For non-bloggers: If you did have a blog, what would you name it? I hope something cool like "A Confused Bibliophile". It would chronicle the adventures of someone who loves books but couldn't read. How fun would that be? I bet they'd get up to all sorts of shenanigans with their sidekick. Help me out, guys, what should their sidekick's name be?



  1. Hey, look, a yearly wrapup gem at the end of January! I love it!

    I found Paper Fury this year too, and SHE IS SO GREAT.

    1. The timing was definately on purpose because I wanted to break the mold, not because of poor planning or anything...

      Right? She's hilarious.

  2. Evangeline!!! I love your blog so much!

  3. 200 books. What even. I don't understand how you can balance all the reading with all the other life stuff. I'm super impressed. :D

    You had such an amazing year! I hope 2017 treats you well. (and... dude. in five days 2017 will already be 1/12 of the way over. O.O)

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Reading 200 books is simple. All you have to do is throw your responsibilities out the door and hide from sunlight. XD

      I did! And same to you! :) (LALALA, time doesn't exist, we are still living in January 1st, right?)

  4. ERIN AND CAIT ARE BOTH FABULOUS BEANS THAT BRIGHTEN MY BLOGGY LIFE X10000 <3 That's so cool that you got to attend a Marissa Meyer event! Also ugh the struggle is so real with prioritizing blogging. I have a hard time drawing the line with how much time I put into my blog. URGH. But EEEP I'M SO HAPPY I'VE FOUND YOUR LOVELY BLOG. :) I hope you have a fabulous 2017!!


    1. RIGHT? They truly are.

      Yeah, it is a struggle when I love my blog so much and I WANT TO SPEND EVERY EARTHLY MINUTE WORKING ON IT(also a few extraterrestrial minutes).

      Thanks! You, too. :)


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