Christmas Blog Post Ideas Blog Post (Are you confused yet? Because I am)

Story Time: I wanted to write another Christmas themed post, but unfortunately, my little hamster brain was all Christmassed out. I hopped on the Google and searched "Christmas blog post ideas" to get inspired. They were inspiring.

You are headed to a Christmas cookie party, but as a cookie. What are you?
Um, don't cookies get eaten at Christmas parties? This sounds very dangerous.

Talk about finding out Santa wasn't real. How did it happen? What did you feel? 
What?! Santa's not real?? 

I never actually believed in Santa. I was the 5 year old that went around telling all the other kids that their childhood hero was a lie. I'm a monster. 
Image result for i'm a cotton headed ninny muggins gif

Share a tradition you want to start in your own home one day. 
Putting the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. That day shall be sacred in my household, known as the day of merriment and holiday cheer for all. Also glitter. There should be silver glitter everywhere. If you do not leave my household looking like a confused disco ball, then I will have failed. 

The most dreadful part of the holidays is...
the songs. I love Christmas songs, but most traditional Christmas songs that become the world's national anthem for the month of December have been ruined for me by years of hearing them over and over. 
Image result for elf gifs
I would rather have my books burned than listen to Do You Hear What I Hear? one more time (this is an exaggeration. Do not take this as an invitation to burn my books. If you touch my bookshelf, you will face my wrath. I am armed with three sporks. Go ahead. Fight me).

Give This, Not That gift guide 

You know how your 3 year old nieces and nephews want all the latest action figures? Give them socks. I promise you they will thank you when they are 20. In fact, give everyone socks.

If you were Santa, what would you want to find on the plate awaiting you at the bottom of the chimney? 
My own presents. BECAUSE SANTA DESERVES GIFTS TOO. Just anything but an open fire. 

What holiday decor do you collect without apology?
Couldn't resist.
Sweaters. I wouldn't say it's so much a collection as it is a lifestyle.

What books are on your literary Christmas list this year?

If your year was going to be encapsulated in a snow globe, what would be included inside?
Books. Stress. Desserts. Tea. My laptop. More tea. 

And that concludes my "Christmas Blog Post Ideas" blog post. #blogception

What is your favorite part about Christmas? When do you put up your tree (or other assorted shrubbery. For a while, our Christmas tree was a dead potted plant. #sadtruth)? And the most important question of all: What kind of cookie would you be? 



  1. Ohmygoodness, I am turning this into a tag AND DOING IT!!!

    Also this was so funny?? I laughed so hard! :)

    And have I ever said how much I love your header!?? I DO.

    1. GO FOR IT!! Though (I'm sure you already would have, but...) please link to me if you use all the same questions. :) Thanks!

      Aww, thank you so much! :)

  2. Literally just finished writing it up and don't worry - I ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT. Always!

    You're welcome. It really is gorgeous!

    1. Awesome. And I figured you would. :) Because you're cool like that!

  3. Dude. Your aesthetic is gorgeous, and I would totally be okay with being a confused glitter disco ball because sparkles are my favorite.
    (Also I LOVE the polls on the side bar???? Never seen that before but I love it.) Definitely coming back here. ;)

    1. Thanks! That's so sweet! Awesome. :) Glad to have you.

  4. What show did the 'black santas' gif come from, though? xD

    Fun fact: I made myself believe in Santa when I was 10 to see if he was real. I got a sore throat as a Christmas present that year :)

    1. It's from the Paper Towns movie. XD

      Oh no! Sore throats aren't fun.


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