The Birthday Mega-Post| THE BEST BOOKS EVER + Other Assorted Necessities (such as chocolate)

*promises not to post anything that's not NaNo related* *fails step one*

I am a grownup. Just kidding, I'm like...6. This month was my birthday, and I know I say this every year but IT WAS THE BEST EVER!!!

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Every year I am always surprised at how many people remember and want to show me that they care about me. My love language is gifts (so if you want to show how much you love me...chocolate is always appreciated), and boy, did I get some pretty cool gifts.

My birthday was kind of spread into a birthday MONTH (which I was more than okay with), so here we go.
October 1st:
My mother took me to Fremont, Washington to start off my birthday month. We went to Theo Chocolate Factory, a bookstore, and Starbucks to watercolor. 

Just in case you have never been to the Theo Chocolate Factory, let me take a moment to explain a thing.THEY HAVE A WALL OF SAMPLES. There is an entire wall that has rows upon row of sample boxes for you to gorge yourself on. I am pretty sure that they use that wall of samples to lure children into their store for a Willy Wonka elimination kind of deal. The winner gets the store, right? I will gladly participate. 
I've been in that factory, and they quite literally have vats of chocolate, so Willy Wonka might be the mastermind behind this whole operation. After his previous business was sued for the endangerment of children and midgets, he moved on. What many people don't know is that his full name is Willy Theo Wonka. #truestorybro

Ophelia's Bookstore. I can't even describe it in a way that does it justice. It is every bookdragon's dream. The isles are narrow, piles of books line the floor, and it's all so compact. 

There's a SPIRAL STAIRCASE to the lower level (where the bunnies are), and a loft that is YA books exclusively. There's also a couch somewhere in there. 
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Pets: There's at least 3 cats, two rabbits, and sometimes hamsters. 
October 5th:
I woke up earlier than any human ever should. 7:15.
We met some family friends to go to one of the Luke's Diner pop-ups in Seattle.  We stood in line, playing games of "I-Spy" and "20 Questions" to pass the time. 

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After Luke's, we spontaneously went to the Theo Chocolate factory and Ophelia's Bookstore. We have a problem. 

That evening, my lovely sister decided that all of my clothes were hideous and drug me to her workplace to buy clothes. 
Please note that she works at a clothing store. She would not be dragging me to, say, a fishing store for a new wardrobe. We would never make that mistake again.

October 9th:

One of my closest friends took me to the Rick Riordan event in Seattle. For those of you who do not know, Rick Riordan is my favorite author, and he has been since I was the wee age of 9. 
It was so incredible getting to see him speak and answer questions. I learned quite a few new things that I didn't know about him, and I GOT SOME MERCH!!

A t-shirt and the book!
LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT THE BOOK. Now I am a complete disgrace because I haven't read it yet, and it's been a month since I got it, BUT I'VE BEEN SO BUSY, also the library keeps giving me more books, so that's a problem. They're like, "Here, we got some new books! Please read them, please. For us." What am I supposed to do? Turn them down? Let's not be ridiculous. 

October 19th:
For my actual birthday, some family friends came over and we had a pancake breakfast and watched my favorite movie. 


This is a journal that they made for me.
Guys. It's a dragon. Guys, are you seeing this?

Then we decided that it would be fun to go get ourselves lost among corn and mud. I found out just how bad I am with directions. If I was the one leading the excursion, we would have been in there all night. As it was, it took us roughly 3 hours for the whole thing. 

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This is what we braved.
October 28-30:
The Ape Caves: I have never felt more like an explorer. The Ape Caves on Mt. St. Helens are intense. I don't have any pictures because IT WAS SO DARK I COULDN'T EVEN SEE MY HAND MOVING IN FRONT OF MY FACE. It was cold, dark, and there was no guide or anyone with us to ensure our safety. If one of us broke our leg in the mile and a half long stretch that we were in there for, we would have died. It was slippery, scary, and the light from our headlamps was weak. 

There was this one stretch where the rope had broken. The 6 foot high rock wall that was slick with water and who knows what else was pretty scary to climb up. 

I'm not gonna lie, I was shaking as I started climbing up it. If I fell, I WOULD HAVE HIT MY HEAD AND DIED. #truth

Breakfast: The next morning, we went out to eat at this super-healthy place that had gluten-free, vegan waffles. They tasted like apple fritters. Sounds too good to be true?

Look at this beauty.
Powell's Bookstore: My family knows me very well. I could have stayed in Powell's all day, but we had other places to be. My TBR list was also longer than Rapunzel's hair, so we had to evacuate the premises before my parents took drastic measures to drag me away from the books.
I bought these three books. ALSO GOT A NEW STORE MAP.

The Rest of the Day: We went to Steven Smith Tea-smithing for refreshments, then drove to Pittock Mansion where we walked around. I "glided" down the staircases, pinkies high because #fancy.
We spontaneously stopped at this INCREDIBLE church. It felt (and looked) as though I was stepping straight into Hogwarts. After Hogwarts the church, we went to a chocolate place that sold sipping chocolate. (For those of you who do not know what sipping chocolate is, it is basically melted chocolate...that you drink.)

Then we crashed back at the family friend's house for the evening, playing Pictionary and other games. I have discovered that I AM AN ARTIST. Even though most of my drawings looked like misshapen abstract art, I was able to get my team to winning. 
Just kidding, they won despite having me on their team.

My mother promised me three chocolate bars for my birthday. So far, I have collected on 2 of them. I think I might just go collect on the 3rd. 



  1. Happy belated Birthday!! It looks like you had an amazing month of celebrations. Theo Chocolate Factory sounds delicious!

    1. Thank you! It was definately amazing. :)
      IT IS. It is, like, the best place on earth. For real. XD


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