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There was a lot wrong with this book, but there were also things that I enjoyed. I don't even know where to start. 

The Good
SCORPIUS. PRECIOUS HUMAN. Every interaction between him and Rose was my favorite thing in this universe (no, of course I'm not exaggerating. Don't be ridiculous). 
I want to see more of Scorpius!! He was adorably kind, smart, and hilarious. He had a very well-rounded personality. Sure, he had a lot of problems, but he didn't let it all get the better of him. One of my favorite parts of his character was when he pounced on Albus and said, "Listen up, you self-centered idiot, you're being a rubbish friend and human being." That was a moment when I truly got to see a raw glimpse of how much he had lived through and become a better person for it. 

There were some lines here and there that made me grin because for a second, Ron, Harry, and Hermione were exactly how they should be. Then they would open their mouth again, which brings us to the bad. 

The Bad
FROM PAGE 1 THE CHARACTERS WERE NOT RIGHT. It was as though someone had read the Cliffnotes version of the original series and picked out the most annoying parts of the original trio to focus on. Harry was not at all the snarky dork we love and remember, but he was a darker version (which in moderation, would have been positively brilliant, but it was all his character was) that was prone to angry outbursts at every moment. 

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If his character had some lighter moments, it would have added gravity to the darker emotions he felt, but him being constantly upset, concerned, and angry cheapened it. 

Hermione was bossy and hardly loving towards Ron. She lost all of her character development. Ron was the comic relief, but it came at odd times and was never actually funny. He had a few good lines, but then they were erased as soon as he cracked his next lame joke at an awkward moment. 

A lot of the book was centered on growing up an orphan. 

  • Harry faced it constantly and even challenged Dumbledore on why he subjected Harry to years of abuse and torment. 
  • Delphi wanted more than anything to be loved and know her father. 
  • Even Scorpius felt abandoned and alone from the rumors. 
Honestly, all of this would have been brilliant, in moderation!!! But the theme of the book was forced upon us so strongly, I wasn't able to actually feel true sorrow for the characters. It was reminding us at every turn to pity them, so much so, that it pitied them for us, leaving us with nothing to do but watch emotionlessly. 

The Moment That Made Me Mad
It was when Harry and the rest of them stayed to watch Lily and James be killed by Voldemort. It was when I read the line "No, please, don't take him. Don't take my son. I will do anything.". 

This is Lily Potter. 
This is LILY "take no tomfoolery from James" POTTER. She wouldn't beg. She stood and fought for her son. She didn't beg. That made me so upset because it took away from the sacrifice she made. She would never beg.

In the end, there was a lot that felt off to me. I am glad that I read it, but I definately can see why others dislike it so. I am going to accept it as something that exists, but nothing official because 

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  1. Interesting. I have read many bad reviews on this and can't blame the people, either to be honest.

    1. Have you read it? And did you like/dislike it?

  2. Nice review! The book had some very enjoyable parts, but for someone who is a hardcore Potter fan but can't remember most of the original books, a lot of the characters seemed off. The adventure itself was fun but also a little repetitive too. I'd love to see the stage production 'cause I've heard it's magical..but the script itself could've been much more polished.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the book was quite repetitive, but like you said, I would love to see the stage production. :)

  3. *can't believe I didn't comment on this earlier (*blames NaNo*) but I'LL RAMBLE NOW*

    OH MY WORD, I loved this post so much *nodnod*. And my favorite part was WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT LILY. I AGREE. I AGREE IN FULL. And what you said about Harry. I mean, what even happened to him?!

    But Scorpius was amazing. I loved him, he was epic - and he is the only Malfoy I can say that about xD.

    *tries not to go into rant* ANYWAYS. Wonderful post, Evangeline :D. (and your new blog design is absolutely AH-MAZING, I love it)

    ~ Savannah

    1. NaNo is the perfect excuse for anything! XD

      Aww, thank you!!! I'm glad to see that I made sense in my ramblings. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ON THIS BOOK.

      And YAS, Scorpius was a treasure.

      Thanks so much! And yes, I quite like the new design as well. :) I figured it was time to embrace the Holly Jolly. ;)

  4. So I have literally been waiting to comment on this post LIKE A MONTH LATER because I hadn't read Cursed Child when you originally posted this but I just got it for Christmas and finished it yesterday. *takes deep breath*

    I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT SCORPIUS. I was all prepared for him to be evil, but really, it was Albus who had more of the sass. And I think the relationship between those 2 and Rose was really great, something to be explored, but like you said, there were a lot of problems.

    I loved that Albus was put in Slytherin (so unexpected!) but would that, among other things, really drive a wedge between he and Harry? It seemed to undercut all the sweetness from the last scene of Hallows. Also, we never really get to meet James, Lily, or Hugo. WASSUP WITH THAT

    Sorry for the long comment. I'm still in post-reading rant-mode. GAH

    1. Well, HELLO! Also, that's so awesome that you got it for Christmas!

      RIGHT? But he was indeed not evil and so good. And seeing all that he's come from, it's surprising, but then again, I feel like Draco, after being parented by his father, would be a drastically different parent.

      Exactly! Harry and Albus shouldn't have such a fragile relationship. And there are so many more charcaters to see, too. AND WHAT ABOUT TEDDY LUPIN?? I was so hoping that we would really get to meet him, but I think there was one mention of him (if that, I don't remember), and that was it! WHAAAT?

      I love long comments! They're so fun. :)

  5. Hey look who finally read this!!
    I totally agree about Lilly groveling; Lily would never do that and it was a particularly spineless way of wheedling out some emotion from an already very effective moment.
    It seemed like the script suffered from a lot of reworking and over thinking, almost like the writers didn't really have any spark for the theme itself. What made Harry Potter so great was JK Rowling's deep empathy for people who felt uncared for, and the Cursed Child seems shockingly halfhearted in comparison. The characters and plot all move backward out of what I think is a lack of confidence. It fizzles out at the end with a confused pop. Such a shame.
    I bet the play was gorgeous though.

    1. Exactly! It seemed to lack the passion and love for the story that HP has always had. It didn't have a whole lot of spark.

      I do hope to see the play someday. :D


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