#SHELFIES + Book Haul

Give a writer a blank page and they will write a story. Fact of Life.

Another Fact of Life: Give a Book-Dragon a camera, and they will take pictures of their hoard.

Let's go.

Shelf 1. My three favorite series.
First of all, don't you just love my bookends? Hmm? If you've been with me for even a short amount of time, you probably have heard of my rabid affection for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. If not, I have not been doing my job properly. My god-sister gave me the second book to the series (actually she gave it to my brother, and I read it when I wasn't supposed to), and I was hooked. The sequel series Heroes of Olympus is just as precious, if not more so.

I stumbled upon Fablehaven one day at the library. It's strange to think that a series that I now adore was just a random book I picked up at the time. It is magical animals and battles and sarcasm. What would I do without it?
(Working left to right) Harry Potter has only become a favorite in the last year and a half. BUT I STILL LOVE IT. (Slytherin pride!). 

The Unwanteds were my Harry Potter. While everyone else was reading the books and watching the movies as they came out, I was perfectly content with my own wonderful books that I adored. I mean, they have a giant stone cheetah that is a grump. How cool is that?

I started writing up my thoughts on the Hunger Games, and I honestly had to copy and paste it to a new post because DAAANG, I have a lot of thoughts on it. Every time I started trying to sum it all up, it just got even longer. Clearly I need to do a post on my stance on the Hunger Games

Auralia's Colors, Cyndere's Midnight, Summer of the Gypsy Moths, Waiting for Normal, and Daughter of Venice have been favorites for almost as long as I can remember. The Tyranny of Petticoats poster thingie came from the book launch party I went to (and MET MARISSA MEYERS!!). Also, there was cake. This is how you know if a book will be a success or not. The quality of refreshments at the book launch parties. This is a scientifically proven fact. In fact, if authors just hand out assorted pastries and desserts, people are much more likely to buy their book. So authors...get to work.

Shelf 3. Aww, I love all of these books so much.
The Beyonders are by Brandon Mull (who wrote Fablehaven), so of course they're going to be super good! And the Kane Chronicles are by Rick Riordan (author of PJO) so of course, say it with me, they're super good.

The rest of the books here are ones that I've had for ages because they are THAT GOOD.

If you think you spy Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer (also by Rick Riordan. Clearly I have a thing for his books), good eye. Let's be friends. We could go out for croissants and hot chocolate, and swap book recommendations.

Shelf 4. Lemony Snicket and friends.
(Please ignore the stickers on the spines of the books because, yes, they are bothering me too) DreamHouse Kings is a family favorite. Basically everyone in my family has read them, and we all agree that they are all that matters in life. No food, electricity, or warmth. There is only DreamHouse Kings. Say it with me, DreamHouse Kings... DreamHouse Kings... DreamHouse Kings.

And that, kids, is how cults are started! 

There are, of course, other books here that I have found at thrift stores and garage sales and added to my collection.

Shelf 5. This is my odds and ends shelf
This is where books go to die. Kidding! This is where all the books that I like enough to add to my hoard, but aren't top shelves material, go to spend their dusty little lives. Most of these are from my personal collection before I even had a bookshelf (I know, I used to be pitiful). 

There was a 50% off sale at a chain of thrift-stores, and of course I had to get in on this deal. My mother and I went to  all of the stores near us, scoring a bunch of great books for a really low price. 

These are the lovelies that I got.
  • The entire Chronicles of Narnia (top left corner) was only $3, and it's in great condition! 
  • I have not read Paper Towns before, but it was only $1.50, so why not? 
  • Legend just looks cool. I've seen it in many bookstores, but never read it. I finally will. Just as soon as I get through my enormous pile of library books. You know, in 358 years...
For those of you who are observant little butterflies (congrats, you get a cookie), yes, I do already have Mockingjay, but I bought a second copy to study and write in (I would not mar a book if I had only one copy, thank you very much). 
  • This Book Is Not Good For You is part of a series I have read many a time. I am slowly (and cheaply) acquiring all of the books.
  • The Princess Academy (bottom left corner) is such a sweet book, and it was simply $1. What respectable self-proclaimed book connoisseur wouldn't buy it?
  • I am Number Four is something I've meant to read for a long time now. I watched the movie when it first came out (and when everyone still had high hopes for that franchise). Every time I would say that I watched the movie, I would be attacked with enthusiastic fans who shouted at me how much better the books were. Me, being extremely familier with cases of "The book was better. Don't even watch the movie. Shun the movie. SHUN", I added it to my TBR list, but that list is a black-hole. Books go in and never come out...
  • I've read Uglies before and remembered enjoying it. I must say, whoever puts stickers directly on the cover of books should have their faces covered in such stickers. How do you think they would like it? Hmm?
  • For being published in 2005, The Book Thief sure feels like a classic. I truly adore that story.
  • I first watched the Lord of the Rings as a wee lass who was fascinated by this epic fantasy world and amazing battles. While most preteen girls were talking about One Direction (yes, I am falling back on the good ol' stereotypes. Sue me), I was obsessing over the world that J.R.R. Tolkien had created. I am surprised that it has taken me this long to finally buy all the books. 
  • I bought A Bad Beginning as well, to study as I'm going to do with Mockingjay, but I forgot to add it. 
So you don't have to imagine it.
And that was my book haul! With my birthday coming up, I doubt this will be the last post like this that I do. I am quickly running out of space on my shelf. So much so that I had to rearrange my Odds and Ends shelf because I couldn't fit it all.

Yes, that is a doll (I've had her for as long as I can remember)
and a bag of glow-in-the-dark-stars. 

Have you gotten any new books? Do you have a favorite shelf on your bookshelf? Do you organize your bookshelf in any way? What books are you hoping to buy soon? (if you're like me, the list goes on and on)



  1. I recently got a few books from the library to add to the already too big pile on my floor... Evangeline. They had Hamilton. I got it and it is almost as big as Les Miserab. Wish me luck... My favorite shelf IS my bookshelf. XD Shelf one has all adorable stories that make me happy(Anne of green gables, when calls the heart, love comes softly, little house on the prairie, etc.). Shelf two is my beautiful fantasy shelf which holds Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy jackson 1-3, fablehaven, the unicorn chronicles, and did I tell you I got the first Beyonders book? So excited. Shelf three is my bibles, missionary biographies, christian stories and my American history favorites. Shelf four is all my "kids books", nancy drew, fairy tales, disney classics, etc. And shelf five is all research, homesteading and history. I LOVE IT. I still need to buy chamber of secrets then my HP set will be complete. Also want to get the Lunar Chronicles. Now I'm inspired to read... But the question is a biography on Abraham Lincoln or Miss peregrines home for peculiar children?...How about both? Yup sounds good.

    1. YOU GOT HAMILTON. That's so awesome! Very nice. :)

      I love your bookshelf so much. I'm amazed at how precisely you have categorized everything. #yougotskillz

      There are so many books to buy!! There always is. Now if we could just figure out a way to make books free...

  2. OMG SO MANY FANTASTIC BOOKS. I absolutely love I am Number Four, Legend and The Book Thief so I hope you end up enjoying them as much as I did. :) Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage

    1. I'm really excited to read them!! :) Aww, thank you!


    1. LITERALLY THAT SERIES IS AMAZING. The first book is my favorite, so I think it's the only one I've sought out to buy, but if I come across any of the others I will for sure be buying them. :D

  4. LOVED reading this post, Evangeline (and I'm not biased by ALL THE BOOK PICTURES, why would you think that? XD)! I recently bought a lot of books when my mom and I went shopping, so I'll have to share pictures of those in my next Monthly Highlights post *nods*.

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thanks! Book pictures are so fun, so I can understand why you might be a teensy bit biased. ;)

      AND YOU MUST (though no pressure if you don't get around to it) BUT THAT WOULD BE MARVELOUS.

  5. I want to buy more books (so I am in search of a job) quickly!

    Also, I haven't read The Chronicles of Narnia (I know, I know).

  6. Yes, unfortunately, books still cost money... So jobs are important (even though I don't have one, but whatevs, I can get by with thriftstores and the like).

    That's okay! It is such a good series, and of course, everyone on this planet thinks you should read it, but if you haven't gotten to it yet, that is okay. :D


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