My Farewell to Summer

Yes this is a couple quite a few A MILLION years too late, but I'm doing it now. At least I did it at all... It's not procrastination; it's being productive in a round-about way! 

So here we go. My farewell to summer!

This summer was really great for me. I had a lot of realizations and life changes that I have introduced because I AM LEARNING SO MUCH IN SUCH A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. 

I have learned: how much God wants me to trust Him with everything that I am troubled with. I am the type of person that gets easily stressed out (which I have stated many times because it is such a big part of my struggling still), but this summer, I went through a lot of growing, and learning, and listening to what God wants me to do when I am in distress. He just wants me to run to Him for the peace and freedom from anxiety that He promises.

I have learned: to let go of my schedule and live in the moment. I am a schedule girl. I love having lists and checking things off of that list and being organized!  

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I take being motivated and organized to a whole new level; I become almost obsessive. I try to follow my list so closely that I end up ignoring invitations to play a game with my family. I forget to play the piano and watercolor and sing in the kitchen with my sister and bake and live life so fully that I am in the moment, appreciating all the time that I am not looking at my list.

I have learned: how to step out of my comfort zone. I am a timid person. I am a timid person.
For basically all of my life, I have acted like, and believed I was, a "wimp". Over this summer, I learned that I can be bold. I can live life daringly and not be jumping off of cliffs. I can step out of my comfort zone in small ways, like: riding a motorcycle, rock-climbing, striking up a conversation with a complete stranger, riding a horse even though I'm lowkey terrified of riding them, learning how to drive a four-wheeler.  All of these seemingly small things pushed me out of my happy little bubble. I am a happier person when I am out of my comfort zone.

I have learned: to not be so worried about things. This summer I wrote in a book. This summer I went through my belongings and got rid of quite a few things I had been holding onto. I drew in a book and was proud of defacing it! Because I had made art, and I was happy with this art. I was arting!!

This summer was pretty great for me, and I hope it was pretty great for ya'll, too. So, welcome Autumn! (Yes, I know we're almost through it already, hush.)



  1. I'm a little bit confused because the title is: Farewell to summer but wasn't summer... quite a while ago?

    *awkward silence*

    Oh, you told me to hush. Well... I dunno.

    I'm glad you've learned to get out of your comfort zone which I have yet to learn (then again, I am in search of a job. I need the money).

    1. XD Yes, well, um, I have been meaning to write this ever since the end of August, but that didn't quite work out, so...better late than never. XD

      GOOD LUCK with finding a job!

  2. okay but can I just leave a comment in tribute to that first gif

    1. XD I guess that gif does deserve a tribute, so...yes. :D

  3. Wow this was an amazing summer for you! GOOD ON YOU. I am exactly the same with the lists. 😂 I have mine on a time schedule too, which like generally freaks me out when I'm 10mins behind time...omg, sometimes I worry about my own sanity. Ahem. I probably should learn to relax that but...*melts into a puddle* NOT THIS YEAR. Anyway. ;D I think it's awesome that you're remembering to live in the moment! And I applaud you for not worrying so much too. That is like a seriously amazing feat. GOOD ON YOU.

    1. Yes, it was pretty great. Hello, "I worry about my own sanity" sums it up pretty well. XD

      Thanks! It's taken me quite a long time to get here, but better late than never, right? ;)


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