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Some of you may remember when I posted earlier this year about my arting endeavors. I look back on those attempts and laugh. I cast sidelong glances that are vaguely threatening at those attempts. I frown in their general direction.
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I was proud of those first tries, and now I wish to burn them in the fire of my eternal rage. They are no longer my "best" attempts. I would like to feature my latest masterpieces here, because I do what I want! So, feast your eyes on these mediocre attempts.

This was my first attempts at blueberries. Not my best, I'll admit, but better than before. 

I'm actually proud of this one. I don't think that I am in any way a genius, but it's pretty good for a beginner. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I think it's awful, because:

tumblr_mhvruz4LP41rf9wxno1_500.gif (500×253)
I saw something like this on Pinterest, so of course I had to try it. It didn't turn out as well as I thought, but it was still quite a lot of fun to try.

I had just a blast taking a million pictures of every single card. Seriously: WHO KNEW THAT IT WAS SO FUN!! I have also taken about 38 pictures of my bookshelf and every single book individually in the morning, evening, and twilight lighting BECAUSE ART. 

Honestly, this turned from my second attempt at a blueberry to this. How? How does that happen? Whatevs. I think it looks cool.
tumblr_nskmjqxJoK1qhbw13o1_500.gif (425×238)

Literally, I had so much fun water-coloring all of these. Who knew I could make something that I didn't think was trash and only fit for the deepest, darkest pits of mud? Now I do. I'm excited to see what else I can do in the near/distant/whenever future.

 24785.gif (245×170)



  1. OOH, I love your watermelon picture, Evangeline! And the one of the red flowers is awesomeness *nods*. Great job!

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thank you! I'm excited that I'm getting better. Not a pro in any means, but, you know, less bad then before. XD

  2. *sigh* I was never good at water colouring. You make me miss art *cries*

    1. But neither was I, at first. And art is so fun! Even if you're not good, why not dabble in it? :)


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