The Power of Words Tag - Spell Not Included

Top of the mornin' to you (or afternoon, or evening, or midnight. Whatever.). I have had the honor of being tagged by Monica to do the Power of Words tag! Unfortunately, the Power of Words didn't come with some spell or incantation to turn all of your money into books (because who needs money to eat or live?), so how powerful can it really be? Let's find out:

The Rules
Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
Answer the original six text-themed questions.
Tag six or more bloggers and let them know.

What's your favorite letter of the alphabet?
I've thought about this and I can narrow it down. I, for some reason, am drawn to the letter T, R, S, and E. Though I know why I'm drawn to the letter E... It's because it's just a very nice letter. It has nothing to do with the fact that my name starts with E. Nope. No association whatsoever. 

3 words you love?
Iridescent. Gossamer. Mellifluous. I adore the way they just slip off the tongue. 

3 words you hate?
I'm not quite sure. There aren't really any words I hate... Every word that I think of that remotely irks me, I can think of a way to properly use it in a way that is not irritating. Except for swear words, but it's not like I'm going to write those out. 

If you were to create a word, what would it be and what would it describe?

Alerarious. (Al-er-air-ee-us). 

It is used to describe the way the setting sun's rays look against a thick forest's treeline. 

Image result for I know you're smart gif
...But I am. 
3 favorite punctuation marks?
(^), (*), and (:). 
Though to be quite frank, I've never thought about it before now. 

3 favorite fonts?
Courier NewTimes New Roman, and Georgia. 
Once again, I have never though about it more than a "Oh that's cool, it looks like a typewriter! I will keep this font forever, and it shall be mine." 

If you could change the way one word sounded, which would it be and how would it sound?
Peregrine. I would want it to be pronounced with a soft G. It sounds much more fancy that way. Something befitting of a noble sky wolf. 

Do you know of a word that looks better than it sounds?
I think my name wins that award. Evangeline. Whenever people try to pronounce it, it ends up becoming a jumbled mess of misplaced syllables and sounds until I offer them my middle name or a cheat-sheet to How To Pronounce Names That Exceed Four Letters. 

What are 3 words you mispronounced when you first said them aloud because you'd only ever read them before?
Hyperbole, egregious, and peregrine (as in peregrine falcon). Fortunately I only said them in front of my family so they could correct me, and I didn't have a horrible, scarringly embarrassing moment in public where I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole.

Image result for let me die lilo gif

What are 3 words you used incorrectly in your youth?
I have always held the strong belief that I should not use a world unless I am certain of it's meaning. This belief has saved me many Can I Go Jump Off a Cliff Into A Pit Of Vipers moment.

What is a word you used to use way too often and have stopped using entirely?
"Like". I would say it, like, every second of every, like, day. It quickly became annoying for anyone within a twenty mile radius. I am glad that I have moved on from that repetitive nightmare.

I'm going to be a rebel and ignore the fact that it said "six" bloggers to tag. In fact, I don't even know what the number six is. What are numbers?

I tag Mary and Hamlette (see, that's six, right?).



  1. OH I'm SO bad at mispronouncing words. Like, seriously bad. Before I start saying a big, fancy word, I look it up on to make sure I'm saying it right XD.

    ~ Savannah

    1. That's a good policy to have. :)

      Also, took a quick look at your blog, and I LOVE IT.

    2. Well, it has saved me from some embarrassing incidents XD.

      THANK YOU, Evangeline! I'm having a lot of fun with it!

  2. Oh my goodness, Courier New is THE BEST FONT. Legit one of my favorites! And I love all of the words you chose for this post -- great vocab.

    P.S. I struggled with pronouncing "hyperbole" as well. That stinker! Also, Yosemite. That one tricked me big time!!

    1. Right?! It's pretty great. :) And thanks!

      #relatable XD

  3. Eeep, thanks for the tag!!! I still get really excited about being tagged...even though I never get around to doing them. *awkward cough* In fact, I honestly don't even remember what tags I've been tagged for. o.o

    Fun post, Evangeline! I couldn't help grinning as I read it. ^_^

    1. No problem if you don't get around to doing it. I definately have been there. ;)

      Aw thanks!

  4. I have two blogs, so tagging me counts as two tags, right?

    Super Fun Tag, and I am so doing this. Soon.

  5. Psh, genius xD

    I like Courier, Times New Roman and Georgia, too! :D

    Yeah, like is a terrible word in excess :(

    1. Aw shucks. XD

      Eh! #twins

      It is! It's as though I was trying to see just how annoying I could get. XD


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