The Liebster Tag -- Pt.4

Hello, one and all. The lovely Olivia tagged me in the Liebster tag. I'm honored to be participating for a fourth time! 

Part 1. 
Part 2.
Part 3.

1.) Tell us four names (if you don't know the answer to any, just tell the ones you do know): one that your parents would have given you if you were the opposite gender, one they considered once they knew your gender, one you would choose if you got to choose your own name, and one you would NOT like to have.
Well, my parents were going to name me Samuel if I wasn't a girl, and Ashley if I wasn't an Evangeline. I am quite grateful that I didn't end up a Samuel. No offense to any Samuel out there. I'm sure it's a lovely name. I am also quite grateful that I didn't become an Ashley. I've grown to love my more unique name. 
I'm not quite sure what I would name myself... That's quite a strange concept. All the names I like as of now don't really fit my personality. I think the closest thing I can think of is Grace. But that doesn't truly count because it is my middle name. Oh well. #rulebreaker
As for a name I would NOT like to have, I would say Bertha or Margery. While these names may be beautiful when worn by others, it would be misshapen and unflattering on me. But go you, Bertha and Margery!! Go, fight, win! 
2.) If you were to adapt one of your favorite stories, what story would it be and how would you tell it? (movie, musical, webseries, play, book, etc?)
I would want to adapt The Unwanteds into a Harry Potter style movie franchise. It would be simply marvelous. T'would be a dream come true. 
3.) Tell us four of your favorite words.
4.) What is a life lesson you have learned in the past year?
How to let go. Most of my life I've stressed out over EVERYTHING to the point where if one little thing went wrong, I would curl up into a little yarn ball of quiet crying and despair. BUT NOW I'M FIXED. It's taken me a while, but I've learned to enjoy the small things in life, and let the rest go. 
5.) Who is your favorite secondary character in a book you've read recently?
I AM NOT PREPARED FOR THIS QUESTION. There are too many adorable little darlings that I cannot decide between. I mean, the list wraps around the earth twice, and that's just part 1 of a five part series. 
6.) What are five of the books on your TBR list right now?
Where to start...
Image result for legacy of kings Image result for six of crows Image result for nerve book Image result for lodestar bookImage result for egg and spoon book

7.) Tell us one talent/skill you have, and one you'd like to develop.

Hmm, I would say piano or writing as a skill I already have, but those are boring skills. My true skill in life is being able to climb almost anything. 
A skill I would like to have is being able to sing like an angel descending from the pure rainbow heavens. 
8.) What's the best joke you've heard recently? (Awful puns are highly acceptable!)
My sister and I were discussing what to do for my birthday this year, and she had the idea of "staying in a cabin deep in the woods so we can get murdered." I laughed. "That would be quite the experience." "Yeah, you could say it would be a once in a lifetime experience." After that I lost it. I literally fell off my chair laughing. It could be that my sister is a comedic genius, or it could be that I was tired and a little bit bored. Or it could be a 70/30 mix. 
9.) Share a quote from the book you're currently reading.
"I can't go to a hospital! Hospitals are for the dying, and I've only just begun living." 
10.) What song is stuck in your head right now? (Or just share one that's been bouncing around recently if you don't have one right now.)
It was a sunny day as an innocent little child was driving with her sister to a river. "Let's turn on the radio." I suggested, oblivious to the danger awaiting me. As soon as I clicked the magic music box on, a song that would haunt my dreams came across the airwaves. It had one word. One single syllable word. Work. Yes, Rihanna's Work has been running through my head on a continuous loop for two weeks. I am ready for the tranquilizer dart whenever someone will be so kind as to shoot me.
11.) What do you want your life to be like when you're a little old lady?  
I want to be able to look back on my life and be proud. I want to have forgotten many things, but be able to read my detailed journals and be there once again in those moments. I want to have a bookshelf dedicated to all the books I ever published. I want to be able to sit back and stare at those full shelves and know that I lived my dream. I want to be able to sit on my porch and watch the sunset go down with my husband. I want to know that I have lived.

Thank you again Olivia!! May the gods smile upon you. 



  1. OH I LOVE #8 SO SO MUCH.😂 You and your sister have wonderful senses of humour that's for sure ahahah.!! Ahem. And omg I spy Six of Crows on your TBR! *falls in love with the book all over again just by looking at it* I only just re-read it but I already want to read it again. I'm just a little obsessed but it's probably hard to tell I know. :')

    Also I love your favourite words!!

    1. XD Thank you. We try. *bows*
      I AM SO EXCITED. *ahem* I know I'm going to adore Six of Crows.

  2. What's the book quote on #9 from? That sounds like an interesting book!
    Loved reading all of these Ev. =D

    1. It's from a book called Vicarious. It was very enjoyable.
      Thanks! :)


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