September 2016 Favorites -- ALL THE BOOKS

Quick Update: I started up my Goodreads (shameless self-promotion), so go ahead and check it out because I AM ADDICTED NOW. I had lunch with my grandparents, and my grandparents are the best!! I finally read The Great Gatsby, and I am so cultured now, you guys don't understand. *sips tea while reading literature and turning up my nose at uncultured peasants*
I decided that it is my new life goal to live in a decommissioned lighthouse. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! I went on a crazy book buying spree because there was a 50% off sale; any sane bookdragon would creep from the recess of our caves and steal more books for our hoard.
I got a new watch that is all spiffy and shiny; does anyone want to ask me what time it is? I redid my header, and I am in love with it. Also, did anyone notice the "I Love Today" on the sidebar? It is my own reminder to myself and to you that TODAY IS A MARVELOUS DAY.
I explored more of Eastern WA than I've ever seen before, and drove 4wheelers, and had one of the best weeks of my life.


Image result for six of crowsSix of CrowsI CANNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR THIS BOOK ENOUGH. I ADORE IT WITH ALL MY HEART. EVERYONE IS STABBY AND RUTHLESS AND ADORABLE. Let's take a closer look at my darlings. 
Kaz: I didn't expect myself to be so invested in a murderous, heartless criminal. BUT HE'S SO MUCH MORE. 
Inej: She is literally #goals. I, too, would like to be an assassin cinnamon roll. I adore her relationship with Kaz. 
Jesper: Darling, stop gambling! You have so much potential!
Wylen: Spoiled cupcake, too pure for this world.
Matthias: #betterthaneveryoneelse. He just tries so hard to be good and do what he thinks is right. Bless...

THIS WORLD IS MY FAVORITE OF EVER. It's all gritty and hardcore BUT IT FEELS SO REAL. It's well-established, and it's a sad look into the darker parts of humanity. 

(SPOILERS) In most YA books, I roll my eyes at every "What is he thinking? Oh he's so handsome." and the "He stole my breath with one look." GET A LIFE YOU DELUSIONED PORCUPINES. The romance in Six of Crows was subtle, developed, and adorable. Kaz's personality makes it into an "I need her, she needs me" kind of situation, WHICH I LOVE. 
And then Nina and Matthias were the BEST. Nina is so snarky and unapologetic. She is #sassgoals. Matthias loves her so much, but he hates that he does.

How? How does it do it? I am buying this ASAP.

Image result for egg and spoon
Egg and SpoonI started this book expecting to quickly be bored. Now I look at my previous self and laugh in her face. If I found out that this book was actually written by the Grimms Brothers, I would not be surprised. I was prepared to find the book dull, but I adored it! 

It painted the picture of intense poverty and a starving family but WITH MATRYOSHKA DOLLS AND WITCHES. It was serious, and dazzling, and beautifully odd.

Image result for hawkeye matt fraction cover

Hawkeye: My Life as a WeaponHAWKEYE IS EVERYTHING. Matt Fraction is a genius, and I bow down at his feet because DAAAANG, Hawkeye is perfect. I've been kind of avoiding reading this, but I had no reason to because I will sell my firstborn for the second volume (my firstborn is promised to a lot of people). I adore this Hawkeye because dog-loving, coffee-addict, rent-paying, sweetheart Clint is the best Clint. 

Also hello Katie. WHO RUN THE WORLD??? *backup singers shout* girls! She was awesome.

Image result for paramore ain't it fun

This is a song that I always turn on when I want to just smile and act like a dork. It is unbelievably fun, and I would hope so since the name promises so.

Inej: As soon as I read about Inej, I knew that she was basically who I now strive to be. She is quick as a whip, stealth embodied, and she is a master with her daggers. Also, her street name is the Wraith. How awesome is that? She's a complex character and truly well-developed. 

Blog Posts
Why Fall is the Reason to Rule Them All by An Odd Blog - Because SELF-PROMOTION, and literally this was so fun to write.

15 Questions About My #Writer'sLife by Paper Fury - Because it's good to know that I am not alone in my multiple-novels-drowning-under-all-the-ideas-and-plots. 

Being Real by A Writer's Faith - Because can you say: INSPIRATION?

Hi, I'm a Mess by To the Barricade - Because #relatable and so true to how a lot of people feel.

The Thing About Rules and Writing by Scattered Scribblings - Because PREACH IT! Also, I think I was doing this to some extent. 

this is literally just a post about rainbows by Acoustic Erin - Because this just made me so happy to read.

Since our family has been getting very healthy, we no longer have any canned baked beans, so my mother has found a way to make delicious homemade baked beans that are even better. I have been eating them like there is no tomorrow!! 

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Or at least something close to it. I have been guzzling a Cinnamon Apple Stick tea that is made from gold flakes and tastes like rainbows. As fall is setting in, it is the perfect drink to sip while gazing out a window at the rain pouring down in a thunderstorm. 

TV Show
Image result for gravity falls
I don't even know how it happened, but I was drug down this insane road by a close friend (you know who you are, and you will pay), and I am now kind of obsessed. Gravity Falls is a bizarre dream that I didn't even know existed. 

I finished it pretty quickly, and the finale was like a sugar-rush, apocalypse, cartoon coma. IT WAS AWESOME. And I found my new favorite gif.
Image result for gravity falls gifs
I can use this for everything.
Image result for gravity falls gifs
I still have no idea why I was sucked into this show, BUT IT HAPPENED, and I adore it. It's sweet, hilarious, bizarre, and more substantial than I thought.

Image result for finding dory

I can't even believe that I was able to see this in theaters. When the opening scene played across the screen, I couldn't help but think that in about 20 years, people are going to look back at those movies and think what a classic they are. I can say that I saw it in theaters to my kids, and they will think that I am so old, but whatever kids, you know what? One day you will be old, too. Would you speak to your father that way? GO TO YOUR ROOM.

All of the new characters were adorable, and I loved feeling super nostalgic and old as we all reminisced with Dory and Nemo. 

Image result for finding dory beluga gifs

Literally all of Bailey was the best. He is a treasure!! I would like to be his best friend, thank you. 

Well, that wraps up another crazy month that sped by like a cheetah on a motorcycle. Also, quick note: I came up with that metaphor as I was typing it. Thank you, thank you, no need to applaud, but if you insist...



  1. I'VE HEARD SO MUCH ABOUT SIX OF CROWS. I feel like I should read it, or something *nods*.

    Haha, loved that thing about telling your kids that you got to see Finding Dory in theaters XD.

    And ACK you linked to me! Thanks, I'm glad you liked the post!

    ~ Savannah

    1. YOU SHOULD. That book has transformed all of my reading expectations. Though it does have some...content (swearing, some suggestive comments).

      Of course! It t'was wonderful. :)

  2. Eeek thank you for linking to my post! That made me alll the happy to see my post up there when I didn't expect it. xD

    UGH I REALLY WANTED TO LIKE SIX OF CROWS. But... it just didn't click with me?? Though I got to meet the author and that was pretty cool. xD

    HAWKEYE. Aka my favorite comics ever and I cannot stop squealing about them. And it makes me happy that I share a name with the fabulous Kate/Katie. :P

    // katie gravce
    a writer's faith

    1. Of course! I really enjoyed the post. :)

      YOU DON'T? Oh well, I suppose not all books are everyone's favorite. That is awesome that you got to meet the author!

      RIGHT?! They're so good.

  3. AHHH ALL THE SIX OF CROWS APPRECIATION!! *shrieks from the rooftops with fangirling adoration for that series* <3 I looove Kaz so much, and Nina's love of cake and waffles IS LITERALLY ME. I can't believe there's only two books though. *weeps* I need 2093094 more.

    oh I still need to see Finding Dory! I was thinking about that the other day, in a decade or two these are going to be the "classics". Omg. It's so weird to think about.😂

    1. YEEEES. I AM STARTING A SUPPORT GROUP FOR PEOPLE WHO ADORE SIX OF CROWS TOO MUCH. I haven't even read the second yet, so all I need right now is book 2. XD

      I feel so old right now. XD

  4. You read The Great Gatsby, huh? It was very interesting but not one of my favourites, that's for sure.

    *adds Six of Crows to TBR* The peer pressure is real.

    1. I did enjoy it, but it wasn't as incredible as (I think) it's made out to be.

      READ IT!! #pressurepressure
      KIDDING. No pressure here, though it is one of my new favorite books, so clearly it must be amazing. XD

    2. *cries* I should invest in a library as soon as I make my fortune xD

    3. Well let me know when you do make your fortune, because I would love to get in on that, too. XD


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