My Life As Of Late

I am generally happy person. I love my family, my life, and myself.

I have always had a restless personality, I've always been discontent with where I am at. For most of my life, I've thought that if I can only make it to my future, to the future where I am traveling the world whilst writing the next bestseller, then I could be truly happy. In the past week or so, my attitude has changed drastically. 

One day, I woke up, and my mind was teeming with inspiration, joy, and excitement for the day. I spent that day being insanely creative and using every second that I had wisely.

I began water coloring in my journal, browsing inspirational boards on Pinterest, and listening to hipster music. After that, I read chapters and chapters of the most wonderful book ever and laid in the sun, soaking up the sunshine and grass underneath my shoulders. I drank as much tea as I could manage. I played the piano as if it were my only purpose in life. I watched Breakfast At Tiffany's whilst cooking salmon and brussel sprouts in garlic. 

I felt, for once, so excited for my future, but also completely happy with where I was. I was listing off things in my journal that I love about myself, and it felt really good to be complete happy with who I am and where I'm at. I was very pleased with life itself. I was singing lullabies everywhere I went, humming Disney songs and songs in different languages. The sunset was breathtaking, and I marveled at everything. 

Since that day, I've had a lingering sense of contentment and purpose throughout my days. My life as of late has been wonderful, and I can only hope that it keeps getting better, but even if it never did, I would still be lounging in the sun, a smile on my face. 



  1. Wow, I'm late. I wondering what languages of songs (apart from English) do you listen to?

    1. I know some Swahili lullabies. I know a few Disney songs in French. I know songs in Gaelic, Italian, Spanish, and a little bit of Belorussian. :) I adore different languages.


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