Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Worth -- I Am Not a Friendless Troll.

I've always been a really awkward person. With that awkwardness comes the gift of not making friends easily, not to mention, for the most part, I prefer the company of books over most people that I have come into contact with. At the church I used to go to, I had one best friend. When I say best, I mean we were one person. Literally. We mashed our names together to become one awesome, superhuman. We were epic.

Then I turned eleven, and I realized that she and I were drifting apart. That was the end of my little world. We were no longer best friends, we were no longer referred to as one person. Looking back, I can see that she and I were never even truly friends. I thought I knew what friendship was, but I had no idea what it meant. I've gone through a lot of "friends" in my life, when I say a lot I actually mean, like, 5.
So popular. 
My sister on the other hand, she actually was "popular". I was so jealous of her because I thought that if I had friends than I would be just as cool, pretty, and great as I thought she was. Whenever I was around her, I was bitter and judgmental, hoping that I would find something wrong with her to make myself feel better.
Turns out, she was just as insecure as me, she was just better at faking like she wasn't.This had a point, what was the point? 
Oh yeah.
I was finding my worth, my identity, in how many friends I had. Because I wasn't the best at making friends, I fell into a couple of months of self-loathing. I barely wanted to look at myself in the mirror because I was an awful person who couldn't do anything right. Now, this may sound like the most petty, lame, and selfish attitude to have, and you'd be right. Looking back at myself, I was an idiot, but in the moment, it felt like the worst feeling ever. 

I lost sight of God. I let go of what I knew to be true -- that I am beautifully and fearfully made -- and I made up my own truth. 

Now you may not be in the same situation where you're feeling bad because you don't have a lot of friends, but losing sight of God or finding your worth in something other than the One who Created you is so easy. 

It took me a couple months to stop hating myself, and after that it took another six months to start liking myself a little bit. I am still working to not find my worth in anything other than God, and it is hard because I love being productive and feeling like I am doing something that will impact the world. I just can't let that feeling take away my peace that He loves me, and that is all that will ever matter. 

I have peace knowing that He will always take care of me and love me because I am His and not because of how many friends I have or how much I get done in a day. He loves me.

I don't really know why I felt like writing about that, but I did, so...there. 


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Music Tag

Hello peeps, the lovely Erin tagged me in the Music Tag, and of course, I'll never pass up an opportunity to tell strangers everything about me, because who wouldn't want to know about mua?

Please do not answer that question.

Sidenote: I have a cut on my finger (no I did NOT cut myself on a rounded knife, because that would be ridiculous), so it hurts to type. But I am doing because I love all of you. You're welcome.
Without any further ado, let's dive right in.

Rules? What rules? Oh these rules?
1. Thank the marvelous human (or extraterrestrial, we don't discriminate here) who tagged you, and link back to their stunning blog.
2. Probably answer the questions.
3. Tag some people (in the blogging world, not just on the street. We here at An Odd Blog are not condoning you running up to a stranger and tagging them, but hey, it's your life.)
4. Add your own question to the tag for your nominees to answer.
5. Include these rules in your post.

1. Do you play any instruments?
Why yes, yes I do.

2. What is your favorite music genre?
ALL OF THEM except hard rock/screamo.

It's strange, for most of my life I've thought that pop music was just not the greatest, but in the last few light-years, I've been turning on the radio and jammin' out to the Latest and Greatest Hits Which Actually All Sound the Same. #truth

3. Is there a music genre you absolutely cannot stand?
Really hard rock/screamo. One can't even tell what they're saying. For all we know, they could be an alien race singing  screaming about how they're going to take over the world. This is why hard rock is dangerous, my friends. Alien overlords are no joke.

4. What is your favorite way to listen to music? (CD, vinyl, MP3, radio, etc.) 
Being the musically uncultured swine that I am, I usually listen to music either on my laptop (i.e. Pandora, Youtube, Spotify) or on the radio. 

5. Top three favorite bands/singers?
This is almost as bad as asking me to pick a favorite child or book. This is much like my favorite tea: There is always so much more to discover that when I find a new one that I love, I dub it my favorite. 
Sleeping At Last.
I adore this group/guys in a garage. It's covers of songs are haunting and beautiful, and it's original songs are even more so.
Imagine Dragons
Because HAVE YOU HEARD THEIR NEW ALBUM? Please don't look at my imaginary Top 20 Played please, because they will all be the Smoke+Mirrors album. Except for #1, which will be *pause for dramatic effect* 
I have only listened to a grand total of three of their songs, and I love all of them, especially Silhouette. I've only known about it for a week, and I can already sing all of the lyrics and backup vocals and melody .

6. What are your three favorite chords?
Bm, Gm, and A. 

7. Is there any instrument you cannot stand in a song?
I have no idea. Every time I think of one instrument that I am not a fan of, I remember a song that I adore that has it. 

8.  Erin's Question: If you had to pick one song to sum up your entire life, your very essence, the core of your being, which song would you pick?
This is the hardest question on here, and I'm sure that in about 3.2 seconds, I'll think of a better one, but for now, I Lived by One Republic. 

Now, for my question...

9. My Question: What's your guilty pleasure artist/song?

I tag Ivy Miranda, Chloe Linn, and Abigail


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Unpopular Opinions - Frosting, Star Wars, and Bread

I have a lot of opinions, some of them are unpopular. I wrote them down. Here we go.

#1 The frosting isn't the best part.
It's just not.

#2 I don't like Ella's wedding dress all that much.
I mean, it is pretty, but it's not my favorite. I feel like it kind of washes her out a little. It is pretty, it's just not the style of dress that I would want to wear.

What do you think?
#3 I think the mint oreos are the best, who cares about the berry ones?
Most people that I've talked to think that the berry oreos are magic, but I think they taste kind of artificial. Mint oreos all the way, man. 

#4 I think putting food inside other food is really weird.
I just got my American card taken away. I don't know what it is about the USA, but I'm pretty sure that most fast-food places are making crazy hybrids that everyone is loving. A quesadilla burger does not sound appetizing to me.

#5 I don't hate the Star Wars prequels.
As a Star Wars fan, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to think that the prequels are an abomination, but I don't think they are. I kind of like them! I definately don't think they're as good as the originals, but the prequels aren't all bad!

#6 Frozen isn't as good as people make it up to be.
Why is Frozen so obsessed over? It's a good movie, it's a really good movie, but it's just as good as other Disney movies. I like Frozen, but it's not the revolutionary movie that people make it up to be.

#7 Harry Potter isn't my favorite series. It isn't even my second favorite.
I'M SORRY. I love this story with all my heart, but it's not perfect. My favorites are as follows.
1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
2. Heroes of Olympus
3. Fablehaven
4. The Unwanteds
5. Sisters Grimm
6. Harry Potter.
It's 6th on the list, and I feel like that's sacrilege.

#8 I think that bread is kind of gross.
Most bread kind of tastes like glue, and I should know, I used to eat glue. My only exception is sourdough bread. That stuff is magical.

#9 It's not cool to be tired.
I've been hearing a lot of teens talking about how they got so little sleep, and they're only surviving on a couple hours of sleep and a million cups of coffee! It's like a competition, people comparing their sleep, each one trying to seem like they had less sleep than the next person. I don't know about you, but I would be doing the opposite.

#10 I love writing in cursive.
It's just so flowy and fun! I'm at the point where it feels kind of weird to not write in cursive. I know that kids these days think they're not going to use cursive, but it is something that I think everyone should learn.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Reading Old Posts

This post is exactly what it sounds like. I'm going to go through some of the first posts I ever wrote, and cringe* at how horrible they are. Buckle up.

* Google tried to change "cringe" to "crying". And frankly, I might be crying, too. 
Hey all! It's me!! Wait a second. How do I know it's me and not an impostor? I don't. I guess it's time for Operation  AlphaZebraCharlieFettachiniWaterbuffalo. Wow, that was interesting. I have no idea where that came from.

Today is a monumental day, my friends. Umm, because it's...ummm...I've got it! Oh, I don't. So I guess today is not a monumental day comrades. We have been falsely informed. But that's ok, we will move on.
What is wrong with me?  I think I was just excited to be on the internet, sharing my thoughts with the world. I was convinced that everyone read my blog, and that soon, I would be famous. Oh sweet, delusioned child.
Oooo, lunch is ready! Peaches and Chicken Noodle soup. Yum...I am really hungry right now. So...I will go and eat my food.
I swear, in every post I talked about my lunch. Why? Nobody cares about my lunch!

Also, let's take a moment to remember the days when I posted every day. That was a nightmare, a nonsensical, rambling nightmare.
If you say so...
So today I was wondering what the weirdest face I could make I started making faces in the mirror. I am so happy that no one was around to see me, because that would have been horrifying.
The funny thing is, I would probably still do that today. I've changed a lot, but some things stay the same.
Speaking of Seasons, I am so excited for April. We are going on a big vacation!! To a ranch in Arkansas, it has pretty much everything. 
Aww, I remember Arkansas so vividly. It's hard to believe that it was two years ago. To this day, that vacation is still one of the best weeks of my life. It was so amazing!
For Christmas I got these really warm, fuzzy socks that are a cross with slippers. So they are Slocks. =)
Since I am wearing them right now my feet are all warm and comfortable...I love these socks!
I think I still have those "slocks". They're super ratty and falling apart, but they do their job. I thought I was so clever to come up with the term "slocks", when it reality, that term has been around for a while.

Yeah, I used to be practically insane. I say "practically" because we never technically had me tested, despite the government's wishes. Yep, once I escaped their labs, I wasn't going back for anything.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Five Favorite Couples = The Hardest Elimination Process of EVER

I was tagged by Ivy Miranda to do the GUSH ABOUT YOUR OTPs TO ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN Five Favorite Couples Tag.
Disclaimer: If it breathes, I ship it, so I of course have some honorable mentions. I just can't decide between everyone, so I have to add ALL OF THE PRECIOUS BABIES. 

Pick one couple from each category
Tagging is optional
Link back to my site.
~ ~ ~
1.) Period Drama Couple
2.) Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couple
3.) Superhero Couple
4.) Preferred Couple (from a love triangle)
5.) Couple Ended Too Soon

1. You're Tolerable...I suppose

I only discovered this marvelous story because I was dying sick, and I was looking for something to watch. I logged onto Netflix and behold, there it was: shining, shimmering, splendid. My new purpose in life. Pride & Prejudice. I feel like such a cliche for liking this story enough to list this couple as my favorite from a period drama. 

2. LET'S STEAL THE MOON...and everyone's hearts. 
I actually can't decide out of this book series who is my favorite couple, because they're all just too darn adorable! With each book I found a new couple to adore and obsess over. And Winter didn't help one bit.So I'm just going to say EVERYONE. 

3. Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl
Date Percy Jackson:
They were my OTP before I even knew what that was. 
This was my reaction.:

I could go on for years about why they are the best candidates for Superhero couple. I know they're not technically superheros, but they're basically gods, so, who's the real superhero here? Thor or Percy Jackson. I thought so. I mean, they have their own Superman (heh, anyone get that? No? Just me? Okay.).

4. Arthur and Gwen
I'm re-watching Merlin right now, and I still adore those two. Even when I was just a wee little lass, I was fascinated by the story of Arthur and Gwen. There have been so many versions of their story that I always wanted to know the real one, but when I did find out, I much preferred the fairy tales and fables. This version of Arthur and Gwen is by far my favorite.

5. He proposed over a fresh grave by comparing her to his bow and arrow. #relationshipgoals
Robin Hood, BBC. I finished watching this show forever ago, but pictures of these people still make me want to cry!:
Look how cute they are...
At first I wasn't too sure about BBC Robin Hood, but then I got SUPER into it. They, for sure, take the place of the couple that ended too soon. This is the show that killed me at the end, and this couple was no exception.

Honorable Mentions:
Sherlock and Molly: I have logical evidence that this ship is going to happen, people. 
Oliver and Felicity: From the second that they met, I knew.
Roy and Thea: See above^^.
Thanks for the tag, Ivy Miranda! Let's see if I can rustle up some people to tag... 

Olivia@Meanwhile in Rivendale
Mary@Sunshine and Scribblings
Alina@The Art of Extraordinary 


Sunday, August 7, 2016

An Appreciation Post For: My One-True Love aka My Laptop

Hello everyone, I would just like to say,


As some of you may have noticed in my July Favorites post, I mentioned that I received my very own laptop! Well I'm here to scream at you about it like the obsessed freak I am tell you about it.

Meet Sammy/Sam/Bro. My baby.

This is what he looks like, and he is wonderful. Yes, he is a he, and yes I named my laptop like a freak. What's new? For some reason, I adore naming EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

Fun Fact: I was the first one to say, "You know that glowing hate orb in the sky? Well, it's like my son. Or sun, if you will." You're welcome. 

I'm sure that there are some things that I will have to get used to, like how the touch screen is very sensitive, and how not all my programs are on here yet, but I am having a blast personalizing everything. 

For almost 7 years (as of one week ago), I had been using a really old desktop computer that was moved around the house, but always ended up in a corner, facing the wall. As grateful as I am that I was able to have a computer basically all to myself, it still wasn't great feeling cut-off from the rest of my family/world/any human like. But now I can go to the park with my laptop and be like, "Sup? I'm just here to write." Granted, in a more realistic scenario, I wouldn't be talking to anyone, just hiding behind a shrub and typing furiously. 


Sammy is lightweight, portable, and can be held on my lap. All good traits for a laptop to have. I've taken to sitting on my couch in my fleece, cat pajamas (just for clarification, the pajamas have cats on them. I am not wearing tiny pajamas intended for our feline friends) and writing/blogging into the wee hours of the morning, sipping on tea and feeling wonderful because I have a laptop! 

This has been: An appreciation post. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Life As Of Late

I am generally happy person. I love my family, my life, and myself.

I have always had a restless personality, I've always been discontent with where I am at. For most of my life, I've thought that if I can only make it to my future, to the future where I am traveling the world whilst writing the next bestseller, then I could be truly happy. In the past week or so, my attitude has changed drastically. 

One day, I woke up, and my mind was teeming with inspiration, joy, and excitement for the day. I spent that day being insanely creative and using every second that I had wisely.

I began water coloring in my journal, browsing inspirational boards on Pinterest, and listening to hipster music. After that, I read chapters and chapters of the most wonderful book ever and laid in the sun, soaking up the sunshine and grass underneath my shoulders. I drank as much tea as I could manage. I played the piano as if it were my only purpose in life. I watched Breakfast At Tiffany's whilst cooking salmon and brussel sprouts in garlic. 

I felt, for once, so excited for my future, but also completely happy with where I was. I was listing off things in my journal that I love about myself, and it felt really good to be complete happy with who I am and where I'm at. I was very pleased with life itself. I was singing lullabies everywhere I went, humming Disney songs and songs in different languages. The sunset was breathtaking, and I marveled at everything. 

Since that day, I've had a lingering sense of contentment and purpose throughout my days. My life as of late has been wonderful, and I can only hope that it keeps getting better, but even if it never did, I would still be lounging in the sun, a smile on my face.