PEOPLE CAN READ WHATEVER THEY WANT: An Eloquent Post By Me (You're Welcome)

About the was late. 'Nuff said.

I used to pride myself in being a book purist. I was sure that if a book didn't have:
- a strong plot
- good characters
- a sparkling quality that made it stand out
- a premise that I deemed "good enough"

then it wasn't worth anyone's time. And I would let people know that. Being a writer and a very opinionated person, I would make sure that I knew what book others were reading, and I would either suggest a better one, or make it seem that they could keep reading it only because I thought it was okay.
I was a reading monster. (and not the good kind)

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It got to the point where my sister was hiding the books that she read from me. People would tell me the title of their book sheepishly, waiting for me to ridicule it. I judged every single book that I came across without even reading the synopsis. Granted, I still do that, but I keep any bad judgements to myself. I have learned a valuable lesson.
People can read whatever they want, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Books are like food, and music, and art. Each book will mean something different to each person, and each person will like different types of books. 
(Beth, love, don't be upset with what I'm about to say because I mean no offense!)
My sister is not a big reader, which I find crazy. She wants to be, but books don't seem to grab her. She likes the formulaic books. The teen-cliche-finds-love-one-summer-at-her-estranged-aunt's-beach-house. The Little Miss Perfect who can do anything! books. I find those books utterly annoying. In my mind, they are like cotton candy: all fluff and bad for you. 

But then I realized that COTTON CANDY IS AMAZING. Just because I don't like it, that doesn't mean that others can't love it just as much as I love, say, chocolate. Everyone's taste is going to be different. I have gotten to the point where I am more than happy to hear that someone is reading a "cotton candy" book. I myself have read a couple of those cotton candy books, and I have decided that they are not for me. 

If someone enjoys a book, or a TV show, or anything then no-one should get to make them feel silly or stupid for liking it. 
And that's all I have to say about that. *nods*

What is the dumbest book you have read? Do you like "cotton candy" books? Do you even like reading? (If no: why are you reading this blog?)



  1. Ohhhh I know what you mean. It's really easy to judge books (most, in my opinion, have HORRIBLE a synopsis that run the book before I even start).

    I would say I'm not a cotton candy book reader. Perhaps the occasional one might stand out, because of no logical reasons, but in general I like less predictable/fluffy stories.

    Dumbest book I ever read was... oh gosh it was bad. I made it like, one chapter in. So maybe this is judgy since I didn't even make it halfway through but IT WAS HORRIBLE. Typical girl receives magical powers she didn't know she had. Really boring writing that did everything you shouldn't (mirror profiling, starting the book by waking up). It was just... arg. Not good. But I suppose it could be someone else's cup of tea.

    1. Yeah, for some people, that would be the best book ever, my book (and your book) that book would not be ideal. Mirror profiling always makes me cringe, as does all those other cliches that inevitably follow. :)

      I like some fluff in my books, but too much will make me sick to my stomach (kind of like actual cotton candy). ;)

  2. "Each book will mean something different to each person" <-- I LOVE THIS QUOTE THIS IS GENIUS YOU ARE VERY VERY SMART.

    And I entirely agree.😂 We should read and enjoy whatever we want! I feel like ridiculing people for their reading tastes actually happens a lot...and I'm pretty sure I did it to my brother to his stupid boy adventure stories he used to read. *snorts* I mean, I still kind of think they were dumb hahahaha. But it's still not fair to assume that a book is no good if you don't like it! *glares at younger-Cait*

    Anyway. I don't really like fluffy books myself.😂 But I DO LIKE MOST BOOKS. (Surprise!) ;D

    1. *bows* Thank you, thank you. :)

      Exactly! That stupid boy adventure story might have been the most inspiring book he had ever read at that moment! XD

  3. I can't believe people were shy to show such books to you! *gasps*

    Then again, at least you're changing, right? (though I can understand why you ridiculed such books).

    Dumbest book I've ever read? Girl Online: On Tour by Zoella. Ugh.

    Do I like "cotton candy" books (well, in my country it's candy floss and I'll shut up about that now).

    Do I like reading? *sticks chin up* Nooo, one simply does not enjoy breathing. Hahaha but seriously reading is awesome.

    "If you don't read, you're freakin' lame, man"- a YouTuber that I find absolutely brilliant.

    1. Yes, I am very glad that my opinions on who-can-read-what has changed. :)

      Hmm, yeah, I think I've avoided that book. XD Though if others like it, then more power to them. ;)

      Ooo, I like that quote. :)

  4. Brava, brava! Excellently done, m'dear, as always :)

    I have this same problem sometimes, but hopefully the Lord and I will start working on it :P

    Hurrah for book equality!! *fist pump*

  5. I used to stick my nose in the air and refuse to read any book sold at Walmart.

    Stupid, I know, but there it is.

    Then I read the Harry Potter and Eragon books, and then Walmart started selling a classic here and there, like The Hobbit or even bits of the Sherlock Holmes canon, and so I tossed that out the window.

    It's good to let go of prejudices sometimes, isn't it? Freeing, too.

    As for the dumbest book I've ever read, hmmmmm... I would say Twilight, except it wasn't as dumb as I'd expected (nor was it good enough for me to want to read more). Hmmmmmmmm. I know I've read some books that made me roll my eyes at their dumbness, but I tend to forget those, so can't think of any titles at the moment. There are a lot of books that annoyed me for various reasons, but not that were specifically dumb.

    1. Isn't there always some prejudiced we have? Whether it be books, movies, or even Walmart.

      Yeah? Dumb books tend to slip off of people's radar, because who would want to remember something like that?

    2. I did read a lot of decidedly dumb books as a kid, like the Sweet Valley Twins books. But yes, dumb books I either quit reading or just kind of forget.


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