My Top 3 Sherlock Seasons

I'm just kidding about the title. Let's be honest, we're all mad about the fact that we don't have more than 3 to choose from. Today I'm going to be talking about my top 3 Sherlock episodes. I haven't had enough Sherlock in my life recently. Spoilers from season 1,2, and 3 of Sherlock. If you haven't seen all of Sherlock and plan to, do not read this post.
1: The Great Game

This episode was so good, man. I can't even describe how much I enjoyed it. Not only was the mystery one that I really enjoyed*, but there was also a certain psychopath.  

*I love the classic bomb-strapped-to-someone's-chest-someone-else-telling-them-what-to-say-life-hanging-in-balance mysteries. 

OH STOOOP. He's so wonderful!! I really like psychopaths in stories. I would like to clarify that I like psychopaths only because they make stories so much more interesting, not because I am one. Jim Moriarty is a treasure. 
2: The Reichenbach Fall

I'm sorry. I know this episode was heartbreaking. I cried just as much as the next person*, but this episode wasn't just heartbreaking. It was touching, funny, sad, confusing**, and it made me question what I knew. Stories that can not only evoke emotion, but evoke so many all in less than two hours is something that I love. 

* If not more, because let's be honest, I was a crying bundle of blankets and emotions. My parents didn't know what was wrong until I managed to blubber "...Sherlock...he was his friend."
** I almost believed that Sherlock was a fraud myself. I was ashamed.

3: The Sign of Three
This episode was The threat wasn't to Mary, John, or Sherlock, so I could breath easy. Every moment of that episode was fantastic. Mary is a doll. She is so perfect for John.
Can these two get any cuter? I didn't think so.
John speaks the TRUTH
Yeah, that's getting a bit scary now.
The Sign of Three was wonderful. Not to mention...BABY WATSON. I practically screamed when I heard him "mistakenly" say "The three of you."
The afterparty was quite sad indeed. I feel like most people have been in that situation at some point, which makes it even more sad, because we remember what it felt like to not belong. BUT MOLLY SAW HIM. SHE ALWAYS SEES HIM. 



  1. YES YES I LOVE THE SIGN OF 3!!! I laughed so much when Mary is like manipulating both the boys to think they're being useful by going out because she's just had enough of them. XD MARY IS THE BEST HONESTLY. And baby Watson. <33 afjdsalkdjasd
    And I'm a cold-hearted fiend, but I didn't cry when Sherlock "died". XD I think it was because there were too many spoilers around so I knew it was fake! heh.
    STILL SUCH A GOOD SHOW. (Although, don't spear me now, but I do prefer Elementary. xD )

    1. It was so good! And she is such a gem. :) YOU HAVE NO SOUL. But if I had known for sure that it was fake I probably wouldn't have cried either. And TRAITOR. Kidding. :) I haven't seen Elementary, so I don't know if it's better or not.

  2. Oh, I love this show so much. I'd say my top 3 eps are probably "The Great Game," "The Empty Hearse," and "A Study in Pink," with "The Sign of Three" a close fourth.

    Really, the only ep I don't like heaps, much less love, is "His Last Vow," which I never want to watch again.

    1. Yeah, those are really good ones. :)

      Is there a certain reason, or did it just not grab you? Tbh, I don't remember it terribly well. XD

    2. Primarily, I dislike it because they totally screwed up Mary Watson's character, IMHO. She was a believable, realistic, very fresh and original female character, and they turned her into a butt-kicking cliche. So angry over that.

      Also, the bad guy was disgusting and awful and ick, I do not want to deal with him again.

      And Sherlock did something HUGE, he killed a person to free the people he loves. And suffered just about zero consequences for it, which cheapens his wonderfully sacrificial action. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

    3. Yeah, those are good points. Something about that episode always felt off to me, and I was never able to really enjoy it very much.

      I also felt like the story never truly started. It felt like more of a long beginning and the BOOM the end.

    4. There's that too -- rather bad pacing.


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