Sophie - Beautiful People June 2016

Welcome, one and all, to this month's Beautiful People: For Writers. The June theme is childhood. Fun, right? This month I will be focusing on one of my latest novel ideas, and the MC of that; Sophie. 

My WIP Strange Sights is kind of crazy and magically insane, but I love it dearly.

Quick bit of backstory: Sophie...sees things that others don't. She doesn't know what she sees, why she sees it, or how. All she knows is that all her life of growing up in the green hills of Scotland, she has always seen these things, and they have seen her. For the most part, they have kept their distance, until the day she turns 13 and they attack. 

What is their first childhood memory?
Sophie's first memory is of when she was a toddler. She was walking by the waterfront and something that wasn't her mother or father (or human) was holding her hand. That was the first encounter with them.

What was their best and worst childhood experiences?
Sophie's best experience was riding on the back of a unicorn, and her worst was being shut in the closet for hours by kids at her school that called her crazy. She was only 6 years old. 
What was their childhood home like?
Her home was really good. For a couple years, her parents were at their wits end with her because she would come home with tales of creatures she had seen and have terrible nightmares, but soon after, she learned to keep her mouth shut, and everything was perfect. 

What’s something that scared them as child?
There was one of them that would watch her while she slept. She would wake up to it standing over her bed, and she would scream, but of course, when her parents came running, they could never find anything wrong. It hasn't missed a night for years.
Who did they look up to most?
She doesn't really look up to anyone. Her parents don't understand what's going on with her, the kids at school think she's insane, and her grandmother (who used to read her fairytales as if they were fact) passed on Sophie's ninth birthday. 
Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?  
Favorite: Scones and coffee, because that's what her grandmother would have, and so would Sophie. Sophie would always feel very grownup drinking coffee. 
Least Favorite: Her grandmother would also serve haggis.

If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?
When the novel first starts, she would take away all the strange things she saw, and replace them with friends, no more nightmares, and no more hours spent lost in the forests from chasing the creatures. 
What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?
She was quiet, wild, curious, and bitter at a very young age. 
What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?
Her parents regarded her as fragile and delusional up until she learned to stay quiet about what she saw, then they were a happy family. She is an only child, and she loves her parents very dearly, but because of what she sees, it makes everything difficult
What did they want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?
When she was little, she wanted to be a mermaid, but then she found out what they were really like and began to despise them. Then she wanted to be a professional tap dancer, but after that fizzled out, she settled upon drawing. It calms her and helps her to get all of what she sees out of her mind. When she grows up, she is actually an artist/lawyer (it works, I promise. You'll have to read the book to find out how.) 



  1. This was a super cool post! :) I love the relationship Sophie has with her grandma, and also that she's an artist. Your story seems really rad. I love the fantasy element in it. :D

    1. Thanks! I am really excited to write it. :)

  2. I am SO intrigued by Strange Sights :). It sounds absolutely awesome!

  3. This was interesting. Hey, are you British by any chance?

    1. Nope. But I guess you already found that out. :)

  4. Strange Sights is a great title, there are some interesting ideas here. Best of luck, friend. :D

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to write it. :)


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