The Versatile Blog Award

Guess what? I wasn't tagged for this.

I suppose you all are used to that by now. I thought this blog award thingie looked interesting, and Naomi certainly made it look fun. Now I'm going to list seven random facts about myself, since I suppose that's what I'm supposed to do. 

#1. I am the most basic person you will ever meet.
Seriously. I have never been a complex person, and I don't think I ever will be. My interests include reading, writing, reading, piano, and reading.

#2. I am fiercely competitive. 
I don't know why I am so competitive. I turn everything into a competition. Maybe it's because I'm the youngest in my family or maybe it's because I just like winning, not to mention, being stubborn makes my will to win all the greater. 

#3. I love the sensation of falling.
I'm actually afraid of heights (sort of), but I love the feeling of falling. You know the Tower of Terror in Disneyland? That's my favorite ride. I also love rollercoasters so much. I've always found it weird since I am a generally timid person. 

#4. I want to travel the world. 
All my life I've had a fierce desire to travel the world and see everything I can, and when I say the world, I mean it. I think that this world has such beauty and wonder that is just waiting for me out there.

#5. I am allergic to spinach and lettuce. 
This one is more random. It was every kid's dream to be allergic to lettuce and spinach, but I actually miss it. Lettuce is so good, and so is spinach, but luckily, if the spinach is cooked, it doesn't bother me. That's really weird. 

#6. I dyed my hair. 
I've dyed my hair red (which I was in love with), and then I died 1/3 of my hair blue. I am absolutely in love with it. I've always considered myself the kind of person that wouldn't ever dye their hair, but I guess not. :)

#7. I actually like having glasses.
Usually, when people have glasses, they don't like them, but I really do like having glasses. I feel like without them, my face would be really blank. Plus, I think they fit my personality. 



  1. You're allergic to lettuce and spinach?! How do you surVIVE?!?! Seriously, that's such a shame. I love lettuce :( But I'm glad you can have cooked spinach, at least!

    As always, I love the new layout. 'Tis beautiful. It's like simple and vintage and fresh and elegant, all at the same time. Loves it <3 Especially how you made most of the header black and white, but then added the pop of color with the balloon; it's really cool :D And I love the new sidebar picture by Lewis!! A question: where do you get your backgrounds?

    Ahh, 'tis good to read one of your posts again, dear old girl. I'm so shamefully behind :P

    1. I KNOW! Living without lettuce or spinach is kinda difficult, though I must admit...I do cheat sometimes. ;)
      Thank you! You're just so kind! And I find my backgrounds mostly on Blogger, but then I sometimes go on Google Images, and ask the person who created the picture or texture or whatever if I can use it for a blog background. About 70% of the time, they say yes. People are nice (for the most part).

  2. Dying your hair sounds fun! :D

    I've tagged you.

    1. It is fun!

      Thanks for the tag! I'll do it just as soon as I can. :)

  3. Congratulations on your award!! I can attest that traveling the world will change your life. I moved to Europe over a year ago, and it is basically like Disneyland every day over here. Of course I miss some things about the states (oddly, Doritos being one that stands out). Carpe diem :)

    1. That sounds amazing! Though going without Doritos would be hard. ;)


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