May Favorites 2016

I'm so happy that it's basically summer. As much as I long for snow, and love the cold, grey weather of winter and early spring, I am quite happy that the sun has returned, bringing with it all the warmth that one might expect. I must admit that I laid out in the sun reading quite a bit. It was wonderful.

Quick Review: I watched Captain America: Civil War on opening night and basically died. I am writing this from my grave. It was so good! I went dress shopping for the first time in my life, and it was actually really fun. I finished my 9th journal and started my 10th this month. I got to see close friends that I haven't been able to see in a while. That was really nice. I went to the stables and saw some horsies!! We went on a hike and had to go straight uphill for a mile. My sister turned 17, and forgot until two days before. I went ziplining. I finally read Winter after waiting for what felt like a million years. I also had my emotions destroyed by Morning Star, which brings me to the first of this month's favorites.

To be honest, I read so many good books. I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites this month. I read 6 five star books! That's the most I have read in awhile. Most of these books are series finales, and they were AMAZING. I was really sad to finish The Unwanteds for good, because I've been following that series for about five years.

This has just been a great month for entertainment! I've heard a lot of great music.
But out of all the music, Smoke + Mirrors has been the best. The entire album is simply lovely! I have been listening to it non-stop.
I don't know if I'm allowed to pick my characters, but I have before, so I'll do it again. #rebel 

This is my darling Tyler. He is a goofball. As I've been formatting/editing, I've really pinpointed his character, and he is just so fun!
"Dancing is just like sword-fighting, just less stabbing, so it's clearly not as fun." 

A chocolate coconut milkshake. It's sugar-free and pretty healthy as milkshakes go, but it tastes just as good as the real thing. I found a recipe that told me to add spinach to the milkshake. Clearly I threw that recipe into the fire. 

But thankfully, this milkshake had no kale or any other abominations. 

I have been devouring soup like it is air. It is basically food tea, and you all know how I love tea. The best so far has been a ginger carrot soup that I thought sounded kind of suspicious, but it's actually the best thing since Maggie Stiefvater decided to bless the world with her writing prowess. #skillz. 

TV Show 

How have I not seen this until now? I knew that it was a good TV show from what I've seen on Pinterest, heard from friends, and read on writing blogs. It is basically the best cartoon TV show I have ever seen.

I've still only seen the first season, but I plan to watch the rest very quickly. One of my favorite moments, so far, has been the fan warriors. Like, they were the best. 

This entire show is simply stunning. The art is flawless, the storyline is strong, and the characters have insane depth for a "kid's" show. 

I will be putting all the spoilers in white text so you have to highlight them if you would like to see them, because I am all about sparing the souls of poor un-spoiler-ed darlings. 
I have been dying to see this movie ever since it was announced and the trailer came out. I knew that it would destroy me, and I knew that it would be amazing. I also knew I would probably have to wait to see it until it came out on DVD, and I had learned of all the major plot points. I was given the chance to see it by some amazing friends, and see it I did. It didn't make me cry, though there were some moments where I almost did, but it more often than not made me terribly and deeply sad. I mean, my babies were fighting! How could I not be sad?

Some moments that killed me:
- "But he's my friend." "So was I." 
(highlight) - Cap almost killing Tony. 
(highlight) - Bucky hearing the words that would change him back to a mindless soldier and being helpless.
(highlight) - Wanda controlling Vision. 
(highlight) - Bucky going back under, but this time, it being his choice.
Some moments that were perfect:
(highlight) - The Sharon and Cap kiss. Is it weird that I totally ship them? I guess that was the point.
- "Can you move your seat up?" "No." 
- "Bird costume."
- Vision's awkward flirting.
- Clint acting like Wanda's father. Bless his heart.
- All of Spiderman

This month was really awesome, and a lot happened, but it still went by pretty fast. Summer is here, guys! When did that happen? Bah, I'm getting old. 



  1. "Dancing is just like sword-fighting, just less stabbing, so it's clearly not as fun." I LIKE this guy!

    Those books sound really good, and Civil War KILLED ME, and let's not gloss over how perfect Smoke + Mirrors is.

    1. Right? He's the best.

      It is PERFECTION! I can't stop listening to it.

  2. Okay but NOPE to kale in milkshakes. Absolutely. I highly approve of your wise life decisions there. *nods* And AHHH I SPY FIREFIGHT AND I AM FLAILING JUST NOW THINKING ABOUT IT! *SHRIEKS* I read Steelheart and Firefight both a few weeks back and am. in. love. I just got Calamity so I'll be starting it soon. AND PROBABLY DYING AHHHHH. Ahem.
    Also that Imagine Dragons album is A+++++ I adore I'm So Sorry. I can't stop listening to it. XD

    1. YOU HAVE CALAMITY?! You lucky duck, you. I am way far back on the hold list at my library and I am slowly shriveling up and dying.
      YES I'm So Sorry is definately one of my favorites. That entire album is one of my favorites. ;)

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