In Which I Rant About My Latest Novel

Warning: This post contains major writer adoration and fangirling. Writer may spontaneously combust from excitement.

So. I am back with another post on writing. Surprise surprise. I'm here to say OHMYGOSHSOMEBODYSTOPME. 

I need to edit 6 books, and I need to write 16. Easy enough, right (Wrong. Does anyone know the number of a good insane asylum?)? Well then yesterday, I decided to heed the advice of one of those super-duper inspirational quotes that leave me thinking, "That's such a good idea, I should do that!" I would usually forget the quote and go on with my life. Today is not that day. I followed the advice of said quote. It was something like, "Write the book you want to read." Everyone's heard that quote, even the weird hermit who lives in my cupboard has heard that quote, but little old me was like, "Wooooah. That's such a good quote, and such a good idea."

I opened a page on Scrivener (my saving grace), and began to jot down ideas of things that I wanted to see in a book i.e. bookstore, murder, London, Ireland. Those kinds of things. Before I knew it, I put together a plot and main character. There are writers that have a hard time coming up with ideas. They don't have 15 (now 16) books to write, so they get to spend all their time on one thing and make it into a sparkling unicorn of a book. Why can't I be one of those writers? 

Don't get me wrong, I love all my novels and novel ideas with all my heart. They are all so amazing and wonderful, and I love them to pieces, not to mention the latest one. It has pirates, dragons, magical murder, and all sorts of other fun stuff, all in Modern-Day London. When I finally get around to writing it, it's going to be completely and utterly awesome. 

I mean, Sophie begins to see these strange things, and she finds out there is a whole world out there that she never knew about. How fun is that?

I am loving acquiring ideas and characters for Strange Sights (working title). - Pinterest
There are Gondola Pirates. Friendly/murderous pirates in Venice whose ship is a Gondola. *deep breath* That's two of some of my favorite things ever: the beauty of Venice and the awesomeness of pirates. *throws confetti* 

Despite all my complaining, I am very happy that I have all these ideas. They're all so varied and vastly different in their own special little ways. All of them need to be written, and I get to do it! 

What is something that you would want to see in a book? Have you followed a quote's advice before?



  1. BUT THIS THO --> " pirates, dragons, magical murder" I AM SOLD. If that helps. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO SEE IN EVERY BOOK EVER. *shrieks* XD
    And so YES, I totally relate to this post, omg I relate so hard I shall cry. BAHHHH. Awk. My brain thinks it's a good idea to come up with at least one new book a month. OR MAYBE A SERIES. WHO CAN TELL. *dies a little* And I constantly plot books by just writing out lists of things I want to see, or things I'm interested in. :D It's the best way to do it, I think!! then I wait for inspiration to connect all the dots and it's so exciting. Honestly writing is so stressful because I want to write ALL THE THINGS. But time. And yet I wouldn't have it any other way. XD

      What is it about writer's brains that made them so creatively inspired? In any other profession it would be celebrated. XD

  2. Aack!! "Friendly/murderous pirates in Venice whose ship is a Gondola. *deep breath* That's two of some of my favorite things ever: the beauty of Venice and the awesomeness of pirates. *throws confetti* "?! It sounds so cool! You have so many awesome ideas for books, I can't wait 'til they're all written so I can read them :D

    1. Aww, *blushes* thank you! I can't wait to read them, too! XD



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