Hamilton is the Word

I have a new musical obsession. I'd heard talk of it circling a couple blogs I follow, but I wasn't motivated enough to see what it was all about. Fast-forward two weeks and I had forgotten about it, but then a Youtuber did a Hamilton tag that convinced me to check it out.

It's a Hip-Hop/Rap account of Alexander Hamilton and other things that happened in that time period. It's so funny, catchy, and the cast is fantastic. 

I've been listening to all the songs on repeat. SatisfiedYou'll Be Back, the Schuyler Sisters, and Guns and Ships are my favorites. Guns and Ships is so good! I am now able to rap it all the way through. Skillz. 
"You'll be Back" is King George talking to America. He's the best. 

There is some swearing, but it's not that often, and I can overlook that. It's so funny, and I've had the songs stuck in my head. It has taken over my life. 

Have you heard/seen Hamilton? Are there any other musicals you're a puddle of emotions over? 


  1. AW YEEAAAAAHHHHH Hamilton is my LIFE! but you knew that ;) I really just turn into a puddle halfway through broadway beauty and the beast. "If I Can't Love Her" WHY THEY GOTTA BREAK MY HEART?! Rogers and hammersteins Sound of Music is also quite heartbreaking. More so than the movie. That one scene with Rolf and Liesel... *dies*

    1. YES That song KILLS my heart. It's so beautifully tragic. And I haven't seen the R&H Sound of Music, though I really should. :)


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