Free Advertising and Cults

So much caffiene! Don't mind me, just guzzling coffee (I'm technically allergic, but what are allergies really, other than the universe trying to put restrictions on our enjoyment?) and blasting Owl City. I'm currently home alone, so I'm having a little party all by myself. And aren't those the best kind? Yesterday (it may not be yesterday by the time I post this) was crazy. I woke up at 4:30 am and felt my will to live slowly be sucked away every hour that I was awake  exhausted.

We drove down to some undisclosed location (I don't remember exactly where it was) for a project that a group we know was filming.

My sister was there to help with makeup, and since I was already going to be down there, I ended up being an extra.

It was a lot of fun. To be honest, I'm a little bit really awkward and around people I don't know very well, I don't talk a whole bunch. But guess what? I was the one that started conversations a couple times. *throws confetti* Yay me.

I started a cult with a crazy person, and a surprising amount of people joined. We are officially the Kangaroo Ladies. Shout out to Edna, Morgan, Tiana, Mary, and Faith.*

*I should be getting paid for all the free advertising these people are getting out of me. I would accept chocolate waffles.

On the drive back, my sister and I watched half of Pitch Perfect 2 and ate half a bag of Veggie Straws. Overall, that day was a blast, and I wish I got to see those people more often.
I'm surprised that I was able to survive on only 4 hours of sleep and half a cup of green tea.

That's me...
Now I'm listening to Good Time, and I just know it's going to be stuck in my head for at least a week.
Peace out peeps,


  1. The title of this post is everything, haha. Sometimes, you just have to have those crazy moments! :) Pitch Perfect 2 and veggie straws also sounds like a winning combination ^-^

    1. Yes, it was pretty crazy, but it was also a lot of fun. :D
      It is definately a winning combination. ;)

  2. That sounds like one of those super fun, random days that you will look back on fondly for years to come :-D

  3. Pretty sure allergies aren't a thing. I mean raw cows milk is one of the greatest pleasures in life and will allergies stop me from drinking it? heck no! (within reasonable quantities) Coffee is amazing and for some reason I've just been wanting to start each day with a nice cup of coffee and a book. (no morning has worked out like that so far, but someday...) Oh Adam Young, one of my favorite people. Owl City is so amazing!
    We had a wonderful day and I am so glad I got to be there too :) I'll always remember the day when the cult chose me. Good times.
    (btw I'll give you 4 chocolate waffles if you include the phrase "blow up your TV, move to the country, homestead your life" in a post with full credit to me and a link to my website) ;D

    1. Yep, it's decided. Allergies aren't a thing. You drink all the raw cows milk!! And you're still breathing, so I'd say allergies are false. ;) Goodness, a cup of coffee and a book in the morning sounds positively divine.
      Glad you were there too. :D
      (sounds good. You can expect that one of these days. We'll see if I remember. XD)


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