The Sister Tag ft. Bethany

Hello dear humans (or extraterrestrials...I don't judge),
Welcome to Evangeline's fabulous blog. (I hear that you are all under the impression her name is Laura, but that is all due to an unfortunate mishap. Her name is in fact Evangeline...or is it?)
Bethany here. I am EVANGELINE'S absolutely incredible sister that you have heard so much about. ;P In honor of the sister tag, I have made the executive decision to take over her blog. Just go with me for a moment in pretending like I do, in fact, have any actual power here... Shall we begin? 

Note: All of these answers are 100% true and not a joke in even the slightest.

How old are you both?
E: Great question...
B: 42 (Ok let's be serious...47)
Describe each other in one word.
E: Lively.
B: Entertaining.
Do people ever get you mixed up?
E: Yes.
B: Only old people...
What are each of your favorite fruits?
E: Watermelon, only because I am ready for summer.
B: Considering my summer diet consists of only watermelon, I must agree. 
Do you ever argue?
E: She is a noble land mermaid, how could I argue with her?
B: Undisclosed. 
What is the best thing about one another?
E: Bethany is my go-to human for anything, whether it is a hug or advice, anything. Cause I luuuuv her. 
B: She literally makes me laugh so hard and the amount of hilarious inside jokes that we have is rather shocking. 
Fave inside joke?
*looks at each other simultaneously*
Fave memory together?
E: THERE ARE SO MANY. One of my favorites is one weekend when we were home alone the whole time and we literally just hung out, ate so much food, messed around a ton, and of course, laid in bed watching Netflix for hours. Also, there may or may not have been a GIANT blanket fort involved. 
B: Ditto. But also I remember this time when we were really little, and we were writing in our journals together. We were just playing around, and I wrote in my journal how excited I was for us to be older and be best friends, share things, etc. and now it is exactly how I had hoped so long ago. Yes, that was probably the cheesiest thing I have ever written, but it is also very true. 
Guess each others favorite singer.
E: Justin Bieber. (JUST KIDDING. Alex & Sierra...for the moment)
B: She doesn't know so how should I?! ;P
Who takes longer to get ready?
Hair up or down?
E: Up.
B: Down.
Pants or dresses?
E: Pretty sure I own about 1 dress. So let's go with pants.
B: Are yoga pants an option?
Favorite animal?
E: Her's is a horse. 
B: White tiger all the way. 
If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save, and why?
E: She would save her makeup.
B: Only because it is really expensive! And I want to be a makeup's not vain ok. ;P Haha. She would grab her fav stuffed animal and her USB drive with her writing on it. 
Comedy, action, or chick-flick? And which movie in the picked genre?
E: Comedy!! But she doesn't have a favorite movie right now. She prefers tv shows. 
B: She likes comedy and action. For instance, the Avengers. 
Blackberry or iPhone?
Favorite movie?
E: Another great question...
What is something weird that you eat?
E: She eats asparagus, and I think that's weird. (all asparagus is weird)
Sorry bro.
B: She eats sauerkraut? I am not a fan of sauerkraut... But does that earn me a cool picture? No. 
Do you have anything matching?
E: Yes, yes we do. We have matching athletic jackets. She is not a fan of wearing them at the same time. 
B: GOD FORBID. I am not a matchy match person. 
Favorite TV show?
E: *forgets every TV show I've ever watched* 
B: Parks and Rec all the way. Closely followed up by the Vampire Diaries. And although she has momentarily forgotten, Ev's favorite TV show is BBC Robin Hood, Merlin, or Sherlock. #thebettersister
E: #lies
Preferred sock brand?
E: The fuzzy kind.

And that's a wrap, lovely humans of the internet. It has been a pleasure. Truly. Stay safe out there, kids.

And this has been: proof why Bethany shouldn't be let out of her box. 



  1. This was so funny! My sister and I are just like this.

  2. That watermelon gif is simultaneously entertaining and strange.

    And this was a very entertaining post! At first I was wondering if Bethany hijacked your blog without you knowing. XD

    1. Yeah, I can't believe it's from an Old Spice commercial. Or rather, that's the most believable explanation. XD

      And that would have been hilarious if she did that.

  3. You guys are hilarious. Watermelon all the way, man. All the socks for sure. Bethany, go you for being honest about your age. To be honest, you don't look a day over 35 XD Asparagus is pretty weird... I like sauerkraut. A lot. I've had it on pizza. Don't judge.

    1. Right? She's looking good for her age. ;) And that actually sounds kind of good, I should try sauerkraut on pizza.

  4. Omg this was HILARIOUS. XD I think this is my first time on your blog, but you two are amazing!! Also I have to agree that asparagus are weird. I'm not sure if it's Veggietales' fault...but I always feel vaguely uncomfortable eating them.
    Fuzzy socks tho. <3 They are comfortable things.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. You are too sweet. :) And right? Asparagus is weird.
      I am not sure why the melon/basketball thing happened, but it is amazing. XD


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