Spring 2016

"Spring has returned."

That dusky blue light that happens around 8:37pm.

Taking walks in spring is wonderful. It's just warm enough to be enjoyable, but not to the point that I'm dying of heatstroke.

It's cold enough to have tea in the morning, but warm enough to have iced lemonade in the evening.

Everything is blooming and new. Our front yard is full of small bursts of color as flowers wake up from their winter sleep.

Farmer's Markets are opening up again. There is nothing more relaxing and wonderful than walking through a Farmer's Market, listening to the musicians playing guitar and the vendors selling their vegetables, flowers, honey, and other things.

All the colors that brighten throughout the day, going from a soft shadow in the morning to a brilliant gold to a dusky blue light.

The birds beginning to sing again, their songs waking me up in the morning.

Those who know me know that I don't like the heat. If it's hotter than 70FH then I become a melted popsicle, sticky, useless, and probably on the floor. Spring is perfect. It isn't my favorite season, but it's pretty great.


  1. I too become a melted popsicle. And I am SO EXCITED FOR SPRING!! everything is just lovely and fresh and warm and oh don't even get me started on the farmers markets. Spring and fall are my absolute favorites. I just can't decide between them. Wonderful post :)

    1. Right?! Spring is pretty great. :) Thanks!


    Spring is my favorite of all favorite seasons. It's just stinking perfect in my mind--especially what you mentioned about the temperature and the light :D

    1. :) Thanks. It it is an awesome season.


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