So I Did The Thing Again

Guess what I am finally doing? Watching P&P 1995. That's right, finally doing the thing. The five hour thing.

"I would wish to marry for love, instead of fortune." Well, guess what Jane, you're in luck!

So far, I do like the 2005 P&P better, but who knows, I'm only ten minutes into 1995. 

My first impression of Elizabeth: She seems more silly and light-hearted than the 2005 Elizabeth, much less sarcastic, too. 

My first impression of Darcy: He is a statue, a statue that walks. 

Bingley's smile is a tad creepy, and he is much more abrasive and loud, but I kind of feel like that fits him. He's like a loud, awkward puppy.

Jane is much more doe-eyed, and soft-spoken. I believe that the actress might have confused soft-spoken with kind. 

Okay, I need to stop comparing it to the 2005 P&P. 

Aww, Elizabeth, don't turn down his offer for dancing. You'll regret it later. 

I thought that one of the points of Lizzie being so outspoken was because her mother was the opposite, constantly worried about social norms and being proper, but in this, it seems as if Elizabeth's mother is much more outspoken in public. 

Oh goodness, he's even worse in this one. He just makes my skin crawl with every word he says. I would like to echo my previous statement about him. He is "CreeperCreepton from Creepville". He's so awkward and his manner is very clumsy. I kind of feel bad making fun of him now, but he was the character made to be despised (or at least that's what I'm going to think). 

Now he's proposing. Great. Lizzie, you run so far away from that man.

Keep running!!
Even that might not be far enough.
Also run from Wickham, fast. He may seem classy and cool now, but just you wait.
Mrs. Bennett: Young George Wickham is such a nice man, is he not?
Me: He is not.

Oh snap, Lizzie, you just used Darcy's own words against him. Go you, but also don't be too mean, he's not all bad.

I love the contrast between the orange and green. 'Tis beautiful. This movie is actually quite good. I was expecting not to like it as much as the 2005 version, but I'm finding that it is just as good, just in a different way.

Aww, he's so proud of his spunky Lizzie. Okay, this is actually super cute. 

Bro just got turned down. Bro's being all sad now, and I feel the need to protect him from Lizzie's cutting words. Even though I can kind of see where she's coming from. And he did kind of insult her while he was professing his love in a very wordy and sophisticated way. With a straight face.

Found this gem, didn't stop laughing for days.
I really like that this adaptation has a lot more details. Though I suppose that's what you would expect from a five hour movie vs. a two hour one.

I'm having too much fun with all these Darcy memes. Someone stop me. 

Darcy: I have been walking the grounds in hopes that I would meet you.
Me: Staaalker. 

Lydia and Kitty are so.... *shakes head* I prefer the Lizzie Bennet Diaries Lydia. She's a treasure. I can hear you all now. How can Lydia Bennet be a treasure? Trust me. Just watch the Youtube series! 

Oh how scandalous, he's not quite all the way dressed. *shocked gasp* Das awkward for him. Poor Darcy. Aww, and now he's looking for her so he can apologize and be all charming. And he just paid her a compliment, go him. He's learning. 

Lizzie: I've heard so much about you.
Georgiana: And I you. 
Me: How much you wanna bet he stays up late at night talking about Lizzie. "Oh Gigi, she has the prettiest eyes."

Pinterest has completely ruined my original thought of an austere Darcy. Between all the "Darcy's Inner Thoughts" and memes, I've begun to find Darcy completely hysterical and kind of charming.
I say 'kind of' because I like the type of guy who isn't quiet and brooding, I do that enough on my own without another person adding more of it.

Aww, Bingley, you awkward puppy, I'm sorry your sisters aren't nice. You deserve angels like Gigi for you to tell all about Jane.

Darcy is so concerned for Lizzie's well-being. He's being all gentlemanly.

Lizzie: I can assure you, I am quite well. *dissolves into tears*
Me: Something tells me you're lying...

Oh goodness, Mr. Collins is back. And he's just as insufferable as ever, but at least Lizzie is standing up to him.

You can tell that Darcy is on a mission by the determined look on his face, and he's going to save the day and win Lizzie's heart. You noble, awkward man. I have to say that this version of Darcy comes off as more stoically silent than socially awkward, and that may not be a bad thing.

Jane (about Bingley): We shall be able to meet now as indifferent acquaintances.
Me: That's a funny joke.

Poor Puppy is so nervous to ask Jane to marry him, and I wish I could give him a hug. Bingley, you okay? She said yes!!! Good for you Jane, you precious cinnamon roll. You deserve to be so happy.

Well, this declaration of love from Lizzie was a lot less romantic and dramatic than the 2005. I don't know, I'm kind of fond of the morning mist and sunrise romance. It's cute.

Oh! We get to see their wedding!! Aw, they're having a joint wedding, that's sweet.

This was a good 5 hours of my life, and I will watch it again in a years time probably. It's just really good. It gave a lot more detail, development for some characters, and adorable looks.

I'm quite excited to watch the 2005 version with my mother. I can't wait to see what she thinks of it.
Until then,


  1. Yeeeeee haw!!!! Imo, the '95 is the BEST!! I mean like HOW do you fit P&P into 2 hours and NOT ruin it? I shall find out next week (whether they ruin it our not) because I have to hurry up and watch the '05 before Netflix takes it down!

    1. Yeah, luckily I like the 2005 one a lot. I don't think they ruined it, it was just different. Both of them are really good. :) And I wish that Netflix was keeping the 2005!!

  2. I felt like I was watching it again reading your commentary. XD (Before I continue I must say that I spelled it "commetnary" and didn't see the difference until the computer said it was wrong) I love Darcy in this one. His little face is all proud and stuff but he actually just isn't good at talking or "does not possess the skill of conversing easily with others". I just love that he practices though!! He's like "Lizzie wants me to practice. Imma practice." And the description of Jane as a "precious cinnamon roll" I just can't. It's so true! XD Mr. Collins is so creepy. Then theres the fact that he is their cousin... BINGLEY when he's rehearsing how to ask Jane with Darcy. He's such a good friend. I prefer Keira Knightley as Lizzie but Jennifer Ehle did wonderfully. One more thing, I was like "oh no they're taking it off netflix! how am I gonna watch it?!" then I realized "Oh... we own it.... crisis averted."

    1. Mary, you make me laugh. It was pretty much my commentary (I had to make sure I spelled it right after you said something) because I was writing it as I was watching the movie/episodes. XD And Bingley is just adorable when he's rehearsing (I love the 2005). I can't decide because I like them both for so many different reasons. And yeah, Mary, you guys own it. Speaking of which, I might have to borrow that once in a while. WE NEED TO WATCH IT TOGETHER. That would be so fun.

  3. I'm finding that it is just as good, just in a different way.

    YES! That's my feelings on these two movies. I like them both.

    Also, Precious Cinnamon Roll is now my favorite nickname for Jane Of All Time. Very nice.

    1. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who likes them both. :)

      And I thought it was quite fitting. XD


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