So...I just got back from a book signing. It was for a book I haven't even read, for an author I hadn't even heard of until three days ago. But it was awesome.

First I think you need a little backstory. Recently I've been looking for some good books to read that I normally wouldn't pick out on the shelf, Red Rising was one that I found recommended on a blog. I checked that out and then got to page six. I left to go to a friend's house, and it turns out that Lilly (one of the friends that was at said friend's house) was in the middle of reading the second book in that series. She also informed me that there was going to be a book signing at a bookstore near us. I decided to go.

Now you're all caught up. Since I haven't read the book before, I do not own a copy, nor do I want to buy a copy quite yet. What am I to have him sign? ....I do have the library's copy. 

Yeah... So I got the library book signed! He was cool about it, and I didn't go to jail for like...vandalism to a government owned item, so that's good. All in all, the book signing was really cool and the author himself was very witty and quick on his feet. 

That's the author. I didn't just include a random picture of some guy. I'm still on page six (trying to finish a different book), but for six pages, the book is already super good. 

I'm going to return the book, see what the librarians say, and possibly become a library hero. It was so fun, and I kind of want to start doing that as a thing. I could become the Phantom Autographer. Yeah, I wouldn't mind that. 



  1. HAHAHA! This legitimately made me laugh. XD You've officially become a phantom autographer, Laura :D (But hey, I would be thrilled to pieces if I checked out a book from the library only to find out that the author signed it.) Could you possibly come to my library and do the same thing? ;)

    1. XD Yeah, I think I have. And I hope someone finds the autograph and gets excited.
      I'll see what I can do. ;)

  2. Too funny! I don't think that would have occurred to me. Brilliant!

  3. That's AWESOME!!!

  4. You're a hero, my friend. A hero.


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