Disney Movies: Underrated Edition

There are so many Disney/Pixar movies, and sometimes the bigger ones push movies that are just as good, out of the spotlight. I have a soft spot for movies that are really good but not well-known.

As a family, we never watched a whole lot of Disney. I mean, sure, we'd watch the princess movies and be aware that there were new movies coming out, but it wasn't until...about a year ago that I started to surround myself in all things Disney and really see most of the movies.

Today we're going to talk about my favorite (underrated) Disney movies, 'kay?

#1. Treasure Planet
This is not exactly a surprise. This is my alltime favorite Disney movie, forever and ever.

Just look at that! It's stunning. 
The animation is beautiful, the characters are amazing and really well developed for a "kids" movie, and there is no romantic subplot with the main character. The setting is so unique, and I love the take on Treasure Island. I cannot emphasis my love for this movie enough. It brings such a different style of storytelling into the whole Disney mix. Also....Silver is the greatest, and BEN, and Morph, and all the characters. Usually there is at least one character that I find a bit unnecessary/annoying, but not in this movie. The only characters I find annoying were the ones made intentionally so. I could keep going on and on about this movie, but we don't want this post to go on forever. :)

#2. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
This movie... I have so much praise for this movie.

Funny story: We weren't allowed to watch this when we were younger because of, and I quote, "mystic magic foo-foo". Granted, a lot has changed since then, but I always get a kick when I remember that.

This movie has a lot of stuff going for it, mostly fantastic one-liners, but that's not all. Kida is one of my favorite Disney princesses, and yes, I do consider her a Disney princess.

See? I like my female characters able to take care of themselves. This movie has such a charm about it. The team that finds Atlantis is a bunch of oddball weirdos that fit so well together. They become like a tiny family, and I personally am a huge fan of families like that.

It's a truly fantastic movie that not a lot of people have watched, they've heard of it, but never watched it. 

#3. The Emperor's New Groove
Now this is one that I had classified under the "too silly" category. One day I was bored, surfing Netflix to find something to watch, and decided to finally watch it. I was surprised to say the least. It was actually quite funny. It definitely had it's more silly moments, but for the most part it was really enjoyable, and I don't know why more people don't regard highly. 

One thing that Disney is really good at is making the humor both funny to children and funny to adults. Most of this film's dialogue feels loose and natural, like it was improvised, but with the cast of characters being so moldable, it adds a lot. 

#4. Pocahontas

Most of my life I kind of thought of this movie as silly and not really worth my time for being so historically inaccurate, but then something clicked. When I re-watched it, I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. The animation is stunning and manages to be both vibrant and extremely tranquil. I've accepted that Disney wasn't trying to have an accurate historical representation. If they were, then there would be plague, death, and no romance, so it would be a very non-Disney Disney movie. The songs are beautiful and wonderful for any moment in life, *disagrees with sister* "So you think I'm an ignorant savage..." 
*washes dishes* "Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the bluuue corn moooon?!" 
This movie also gave us this gift.

How many times do I have to say this?! NEVER pause a Disney movie!!!!! XD:
This is a treasure. 
#5. Lilo and Stitch
I am a huge fan of this movie. It is perfect in almost every way, and I don't think it gets enough love. The music is amazing, and the one-liners are the greatest.
 Lilo and Nani have a very real relationship...you know, minus the aliens. Nani is amazing. She supports her sister and does everything she can to make her happy. She doesn't tell Lilo that she can't do anything, and she put her own dreams (surfing championship) on hold for her little sister. 

Stitch is adorable, and a sweet character underneath all the...alien six hands thingie. 

But let's talk about the real MVP. 

David is such a great guy!!! He steps back and lets Nani deal with her stuff while making sure that she knows he is there for her. He loves Lilo and accepts Stitch. Just look at them! They're already a family!

I think they're adorable.

And that concludes the Disney movies that I think are most under-rated.