Becoming Creative

For most of my life I have felt artistically dead. Now I know that writing and piano are technically an "art", but I mean in the sense that I cannot
- draw
- paint
- sew
- sculpt
- photograph
with any semblance of expertise or ease. All of my drawings look like flat potatoes, and nothing goes as planned. Recently, my mother and I decided to take up watercoloring. I had received a really nice set of watercolor pencils years before, and I finally wanted to use them. So we tried it, and found that it was actually something we enjoyed. Here I am three months later, feeling not too bad about my creations for someone who is "artistically dead".

A picture of some of my watercolor experiments was requested, so here they are!

I saw something like this on Pinterest and decided to try it.
I have others that are way better and more recent but I can't post them 'cuz they're a surprise for someone who reads my blog.

Through watercoloring, I can see that my creativity has grown. I now look at the world around me and see it as one giant mess of color and patterns and beauty whereas before I just saw it as a story waiting to be written. Now it's a mix of both. I also went all creative on my journal the other day.

Yes, those are Saturn quotes that I wrote 'cuz I'm a hopeless Sleeping At Last fanatic. I'm listening to them right now. I've started becoming more creative with my lunches. Instead of going for canned soup, I'm now making pesto tomato sandwiches that are awesome. I've been in a really creative mood lately. 
Playing with colors and the intensity of the hues is so relaxing. Watercolor is a really forgiving medium. Anywho, that's my watercolor/creativity post!



  1. I didn't know you loved Sleeping At Last! Ugh, me too. I'm hopeless.
    ALSO. LIKE. WOW. I'm so happy to see you expanding, and trying stuff out (also you should know that watercolor is considered one of the most difficult mediums to work with, so good job). Remember to keep your drawings out of sunlight though, they will fade and get pasty and sad (unless you have some class-A watercolors).
    Also, it's really cool to hear you talk about different creative mediums broadening your look of the world. It's very true, when I look at a desk, or lamp, I'm archiving the lighting, the textures, the lines, the eye-line . . . always hoping to use it. You get more out of everything, and like you said; colors, shapes, they start mean more.

    1. Sleeping at Last is amazing!!
      Aw, thanks! I do agree that it can be hard, but I really like how you can easily get rid of pigment when you need to, you know?
      Yeah! "They start to mean more" That's a good way of putting it. :)

  2. I didn't realize you had started doing watercolors recently! If we can have you guys over sometime we should to some together. Love how you did the watercolors in your journal.

    1. That would be so much fun!! Thanks, I enjoyed playing around with it. :)

  3. Pretty!! I especially love the 'crack in the universe' piece (self titled) because it looks like it's staring into my soul, but at the same time reminds me of a pretty beach somewhere with green sand. Bravo. You are an art-er.

  4. How has everyone read your blog but me?! XD haha I'm glad I can join the party now. better late than never! and may I just say I am having a lot of fun reading through all your past blog posts. (do you live in a cornfield? because I hope thats not considered stalking;) These paintings are so pretty! I too like the 'crack in the universe' :)

    1. Haha, yeah, welcome!!
      And no, it's not considered stalking. Every time I find a new blog, I go through all their old posts, too. Just don't go too far back, because some of my old posts are AWFUL. I would post about my life when nothing happened, and it would be the most boring thing ever. XD
      Thanks! That seems to be a popular one. ;)

  5. You have given me hope. I feel fairly "artistically dead" myself (my only saving grace, so far, is a form of calligraphy, and the occasional much-toiled-over pencil sketch). But now I want to look into watercolor pictures!

    Those are beautiful! I especially liked the first and the last one :) Thank you for this!

    1. I've attempted calligraphy, and that seemed pretty hard for me, so go you!

      Thank you so much!


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