The Blogging-About-Blogs Tag

I was tagged by Hamlette to do this, and I'm pretty excited. 
Note: I don't know a ton of blogs, so many of my answers might repeat. 

The Rules
Thank the person who tagged you
Answer the questions
Tag some blogging friends

Blog that makes me laugh - Hmm, I'd have to say Life: Close Captioned. The blog author doesn't post a ton, but when she does, her posts give me a chuckle. She also has a YouTube channel that's just the greatest. lilywhy 

Blog that makes me think - The only one I can think of that truly makes me think long and hard are posts by Meanwhile, in Rivendell . Every once in a while she'll post on faith or kindness or other things like that. The posts are so refreshing and pleasant to read. She'll make connections that seem so obvious, but that I've never connected myself, and I'll sit there, staring at the screen as I mull it over. My favorite of those kinds of posts is Search Me. Every word resonated with me in some way.

Blog that teaches me things - I have to say...Hannah Heath. It's a writing blog that I follow that I have learned a lot from. She is quite sarcastic and entertaining while being informative. I enjoy reading the witty lines mixed with really good writing advice. She also references Batman, so obviously she's legit. 
Yes, yes you are. 
Blog with beautiful headers - Morgan and Heart has a header that I absolutely love. It's so simple, but the design has a vintage look. Meanwhile, in Rivendell has quite beautiful headers. Revealed in Time's headers are usually quite bookish and vintage, two of my favorite things.

Blogger who takes great pictures - I don't follow a lot of bloggers who take their own pictures. 

Blogger whose recommendations I trust - Meanwhile, in Rivendell. I've found quite a few things that I now adore (Amazing Grace, Leverage, etc). 

New blog I'm enjoying - To the Barricade! is one that I found less than a month ago. Her blog is very bookish and fun to read. As she said, "If you're looking for sarcasm and lots of gifs, you've come to the right place."

Blog I've followed the longest - Either Swicked (which is a private blog, otherwise I'd link it), Meanwhile, in Rivendell, or A Piece of Me. 

Blog I've started following the most recently - Sunshine and Scribblings a blog that I found as I was reading through this tag on Hamlette's blog. I'm glad I found it. :)

Now for the tagging. 

I tag Meanwhile, in Rivendell. :) 
I tag Revealed in Time.
And I tag To the Barricade! 



  1. Oh, gosh. *blushes* *hugs you* THANKS, GIRL! I so appreciate what you said about the thinking deeply category. That really means a lot to me. *wipes tears*

    Ooh, I need to go check out some of those blogs!

    1. (Oh, and I also really appreciated the other things you mentioned about my blog, too. YOU'RE JUST THE SWEETEST.)

    2. Yeah! Your blog is the best, I couldn't not mention it. :)

  2. You like my headers : ) Than you so much; I love making them! Thanks for the tag!

  3. Well done! I'm off to visit some new-to-me blogs :-)

  4. Well, would you look at that! I'm finally leaving a comment! I've been silently reveling in your wonderful blog posts for far too long. (The hard part now will be getting me to be quiet. ;))

    OH, GIRL, YOU ARE THE SWEETEST THING! I'm so honored and thrilled and just...THANK YOU! It makes me so happy that you mentioned me in your post <333

    1. By all means, comment away. ;) Thank you!

      Aw, of course!! Your blog is awesome. :)

  5. Evvaaaanngelinneeeee, I'm catching up on your blog, and then I see my blog, and then I read that you say that I made you laugh with my antics, and then that makes me smile, and aww yay!!! :') Right. Back. At you.

    1. Of course, your posts are fantastic. :D Thanks!


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