Alice vs. Alice

Alright, this is something I've always wanted to do. As the title suggests this post will be all about Alice Vs. Alice.

Disney's Enchanting Tale of Young, Whimsical Alice.
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Tim Burton's Crazy Story of a Mad World with Even Madder
Special Effects.

These two movies are both very...interesting.
Disney's Alice in Wonderland

This movie always struck me as, to put it plainly, annoying. Alice was too naive and cutsie to be enjoyable. The characters were too...fluffy, and the musical numbers were extremely catchy, but just as annoying as the rest of the movie. Before you Disney enthusiasts that love all Disney movies start a riot outside my door, let me redeem myself.

After re-watching this movie recently, I was able to find some qualities that I enjoyed. The characters were slightly endearing with their zany qualities and proportions. I love the animation and handdrawn aspects of this movie. It is simply to die for. My favorite scene will always be the one where Alice is singing in the field of daisies. It always seemed so serene.

This is my favorite still. I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT!!
I love this scene because it feels so fitting. You really get to see Alice's dreaming side instead of her annoying nieve  other side. I like the reading bit with the sister when she gets bored because I can  relate to it, but I don't like the fact that the movie insists that it was all a dream.

I've always liked to entertain a little bit of belief in Wonderland, like it was that piece of adventure and wonder that was always just out of reach. I wish that it left it to the watchers to decide what they thought it was. I mean, if I was a little kid watching this movie, I would be crushed if it just flat-out told me it was a dream.

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Oh boy, where do I start.

This movie is confusing for so many reasons. The parallels are unexplained, it's overdone visually, and odd beyond all reason, but somehow it just feels like...Wonderland.

It's a little dark, really crazy, and so perfectly befuddling. I've never liked the Queen of Hearts, and I liked her even less in this rendition. She seemed too ridiculous, and I suppose that's what makes her be the Queen of Hearts, but for once I would like to see her backstory and what made her that way. I would like to see a humanized Queen of Hearts.

The Mad Hatter is...strangely satisfying. As a rule, Johnny Depp is a wonderful actor, and he portrayed the Hatter as an unhinged, kind of disturbing, but full of heart character that you couldn't help but root for. I feel like in this case, we were given a backstory that we maybe didn't need. It took away from the age old mystery of what made the Mad Hatter so crazy. For some odd reason, Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter always reminded me of the Joker.

I think I have to mention my absolute love of the costumes. My internet is being really slow right now, so I can't add them, but the colorfulness and creativity of them make it feel all the more like Wonderland.

The aspect of the Jabberwocky being included was just heartwarming. I've always thought of the Jabberwocky as misunderstood. Even from my early days of reading Alice In Wonderland like it was necessary to life, I loved the idea of the Jabberwocky hatching and imprinting on a little Queen of Hearts. They grow up together, but as the Queen grows bitter and insane, so does the Jabberwocky. I know, it's just a mindless monster, but...I don't know, I've always liked it.

The epic, and slightly ridiculous feel of the whole knightress (is that the proper word?) in shining armor felt a little forced to me, but I applaud their effort.

Now we come to the thing that practically ruined the movie for me.

Image result for alice in wonderland tim burton the white queen

She was too....everything. I felt like she tried to be sweet, crazy, dangerous, funny, and lovable all at the same time. She stood out like a sore thumb, and her attitude was breathy and just....arrgg!! She annoyed me so much in the movies, not to mention her affinity for white. I understand she is the White Queen, but couldn't she be just a bit more...colorful? I want to see an Alice in Wonderland where the White Queen is the one that takes up the sword and saves her people. I get that Alice is the heroine, but once in a while, I like a supporting character to surprise me. I wish that the White Queen had a little more depth to her character as well.
I feel like I have to mention the Mad Hatter dance scene. This is so unneeded and just...WHY??? It should go.

In the end, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland wins out. I love the fact that Alice came back to Wonderland, and I love the fact that it showed that she had been there before doing the things we have all come to expect from Alice.

So, with that, I must go.

I just love that hand-drawn look.


No!! Not the Jabberwocky. 


  1. Yeah, I really am not a huge fan of the Disney AIW either. Except the song "A Very Merry Unbirthday," which I love. I haven't seen the Tim Burton version yet, but would like to because Johnny Depp :-)

    1. BTW, I tagged you here with the Blogging-About-Blogs tag. Play if you want to :-)

  2. Yeah...this isn't my favorite story, but I do love the visuals in the Disney animated version (so I like looking at pictures), and I'm also strangely drawn to the Tim Burton one now and again. Fun post! :)

    1. Thanks! The Tim Burton one does have that oddly intriguing but mostly bewildering effect.


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