5 Weird Ways I Get Inspired

Being a writer, I find inspiration in some weird places. I'll be talking with someone and all of a sudden my mind will be flooded with ideas, and scenarios, and beautiful settings that offer themselves to poetic description. That leaves me staring off into the distance, forgetting most of what the person just said, and I'm going to be honest, that happens more than I care to admit.
What can I say?
Anywho, this has a point. And the point is...what was it again? Oh yeah. 5 Weird Ways I get Inspired!!!

So, there are the normal ones like reading, jotting down thoughts in a journal, and looking at artistic pictures like a sunset. So pretty.

Then there are my weird ones.

#1. Music.
Getting inspired by music isn't the weird part, it's the music that I get inspired by. I'll be listening to Panic! at the Disco or Fall Out Boy (yes, I listen to those. No, I'm not trying to be emo). Those bands are both pretty pop punk/rock and roll, so I should become inspired to write a hardcore battle scene or a car chase when I'm listening to them, but no, I get inspired to write dramatic scenes and emotional deaths, etc. It's so weird, and I don't know why, but that's just how it is. On the other hand, classical music, most of the time, makes me want to write a battle. Just listen to Vivaldi's Winter (PianoGuys). After listening to it, I always want to go write something hardcore.

#2. Words.
I don't mean reading. I mean literal words. Lists and lists of words that I'll just read and have entire scenes form around. I have so many word lists bookmarked that it's not even funny. Just reading them and the definition sparks the poetic side of my writerly brain. (Writerly is not a word, I get it Google. Wait, it is a word, Google is just telling me it's not. Weird.)
  1. of or characteristic of a professional author.
  2. consciously literary.
 Ahem, back to the point. Words like mellifluous, ineffable, hiraeth, nefarious, etc. just really inspire me.
Isn't that just the best word ever!!
#3. Rain.
"Rain is a lullaby to the writer's soul." What a beautiful quote, ammiright? Rain is usually something that a writer would look out the window and think, "Oh how peaceful." But in my case, my thoughts go something like this---> Would you look at that drop of rain falling faster than that one on the window? Hmm, what if someone in my story died faster than someone else? Hmm, and what if... And on and on. I swear I'm not completely insane (only partly), I'm a writer.

#4. Tea.
Something about tea just really sparks my creative. When I've just made a hot cup of tea (in my Hobbit mug no less), I become British. I'm not kidding. I can't help it, but everything becomes British when I have just made a cup of tea. I start talking to myself in a British accent, but in like, a cool way. 
As if there was a cool way to talk to one's self in a British accent. 
I also always have in my mind the picturesque rainy day (or snowing) where I'm sitting in front of a fire in our fireplace (that we haven't used in...forever), reading Shakespeare or something sophisticated. From there I start thinking about my characters doing the same thing, how they would react, what they would be reading; then before I know it, I've come up with an alternate universe for my Arabic, illegitimate princess -- all so she can drink tea in front of a fireplace.

#5. Songs in different languages. 
I listen to a lot of songs in a lot of different languages, some of my favorites being "The Windsong" from Mighty Joe Young (one of the best movies you will ever see), "Fear a Bhata", and "Soldatino aka Nico's Lullaby" (Soldatino is only partly sung in a different language, but it's still just wonderful). I prefer it when I don't know what they mean because then I can imagine different stories that the words are telling. Something about songs in a different language is so peaceful and inspiring.  

Anywho, those are five of the many weird ways I get inspired (like another is bird calls. What is up with that?). What are some ways that you get inspired? Weird or not, tell me in the comments!!



  1. O_O Hiraeth. That. Description. That. Word. Thank you.

    Also, I get inspiration from basically everything you listed. Well, except the tea. Sadly I just don't like tea. XD

    1. RIGHT?! That is one of my favorite words ever.

  2. My best friend and I just discovered that we can make up stories together on Pinterest. We create a secret board, add some photos, and then see what we come up with about them. It's startlingly addictive.

    1. Oh yeah, Pinterest is an awesome way to get inspired. It's also a black hole that can suck away one's time if they're not careful. And yes, I speak from experience. ;)

  3. Hiraeth. What. I've never heard of that word, but GREAT JUMPIN' GOSH AMIGHTY. Wowza.

    This was an awesome post, Laura!


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