Thank you to Riley for tagging me!! I love being actually tagged in things. It's so much fun.

What lyrics describe you best?
That's a hard one. Not to be lame, but Disney just understands me.
This line...

Belle as a Disney princess just understands me.
Love this gif.
What's your favorite romance songs?
Okay, it's super sappy, but my favorite romance songs are:
Bloom by the Paper Kites.
and it might not be a technical romance song (though it is about a breakup), but Say Something.
As well as Tethered by Sleeping at Last

What was the last song you listened to?
Story of My Life by the PianoGuys.

What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
Lindsey Stirling or Peter Hollens. I don't know enough about other musicians, but those two would be so much fun to hang out with.

What is your favorite soundtrack?
No. You don't get to ask me that. I can't decide, though I have narrowed it down to a top five.

What was your last musical "phase" before you wisened up?
#1. Eh-hem. I am not in a musical "phase", I am in a musical world of wonderfulness.
And #2. Wisened is not even a word. Thank you Google for telling me that.

*snort* Musical "phase". 

Have you ever made a playlist with a theme?
Oh yeah! I've made a playlist of my favorite Christian songs (I'm very picky), my noveling music, my songs I want to learn on piano, and songs for the car with the fam.

Do you look like you listen to the music you do?
I have no idea. I listen to everything except hard rock. And yes, I do mean everything. So do I look like I listen to everything??

Would you be upset if your taste of music became mainstream?
No. Why would I? I should be glad that the world is becoming cultured in music. They would have good taste. I'm not a hipster that only listens to music that has two followers*.

*Some hipsters do that. Not all. If you consider yourself a hipster and listen to popular music, then more power to ya!

Have you ever done a cover of a song?
Only when I'm  in the cover of darkness  alone  out of range to burst anyone's eardrums in my room.

And there it is. The music tag. This didn't come with any instructions, tag pictures, or...anything.



  1. LOVE IT. I might steal it, actually...;P Though, yes, I'm a bit confused about the musical phase question.

    1. Go right ahead, m'dear. :) I wouldn't mind seeing your answers to the questions.


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