Life Update - Editing, Blog, and Leverage

Christmas is just around the corner!! Even though the holidays are here, nothing has changed for me. I'm still guzzling tea and coffee, still scribbling furiously in my attempts to start editing my novel, and still obsessively listening to "The Phoenix", "Children of the Sun", and various soundtracks. The only difference is that all of this is now done amongst lights and ornaments.

Editing - 
When I first started editing, I had no idea where to start, how to sort through the gibberish I had written, or even how to function anymore with the weight of six books crushing my will to get out of bed. Then I stepped back and gave myself a bit of breathing room. I decided to forget about the other five books waiting for me in the dark alleyways of life and focus only on the one in front of me. I finally found my groove after not forcing myself to edit. Once I told myself not to edit, I wanted to edit. Funny how that works, huh? Kind of like that ol' "Don't smile." gag.

Piano - 
I absolutely love playing the piano. I'm still amazed at how difficult it can be to learn a song -- and it feels like I'll never finish it -- but then I do finish, and I can play it with my eyes closed. It feels so good to play a song all the way through, especially when I have struggled with it. I still have a list a mile long, but I'm slowly working through it.

Blog - 
There was a week in this past month where I was starting to feel like everything had no point, and I wanted to curl up into a potato and never speak to another person again (that was the very same week that I was muddling through my editing issue). I was questioning what point my blog had, and in the end, why was I taking time to write it if it's not really helping me reach my goals in life? Then I realized that it was helping me. It has made me a better writer. Looking back at my first posts (the worst thing you will ever read) to now, I can see the night and day difference. It has helped me grow in a different area of writing that I hadn't ever explored before, and in turn, that has helped my novel writing, plus, blogs are just fun, even if no one is reading them. ;)

TV Show - 
I felt like I should give a Leverage update. It's still fantastic, and I am now nearing the end of the fourth season. Bethany has passed me even though I started watching it before she did, so I'm trying to catch up. Parker is still my favorite. I just love how odd she is, yet she can be surprisingly human and kind, not to mention if I ever did become a thief, I would want to do what she does.

Reading - 
I'm still drowning in a pile of books that I'm trying to read.

So yeah! That's my Life Update. Oh, and I practically haven't taken off my Christmas sweater for the entire month. Christmas is fantastic. 



  1. Yay!!! I like random life update posts :D

    Good for you for editing! (When you mentioned the 'don't smile' thing, I of course had an instant urge to smile.) I don't think I've ever actually asked you this, for some reason, but what is your book about? If you don't mind sharing, of course. It's totally up to you.

    Piano <3 I'm enjoying my winter break from it, but I'm also looking forward to playing it again. It'll be so nice to feel those keys and rythyms under my fingers again :) And he's sister about the learning part! How hard it is at first, and then when I can actually do it...siiiiiiiiigh.

    DON'T STOP BLOGGING!!! Pretty please?!?!?! *I* read your blog, and *I* love it, and I know other people do too! Often people are reading but just not commenting, and you never even know about it until one day they DO comment, y'know? (Was that helpful? Sorry. I'm not sure if it was.) Don't, DON'T stop blogging! I love your blog :)

    LEVERAGE YESH. Parker is always and forever the best <3

    Oh, and I like how you said this: "all of this is now done amongst lights and ornaments"--I don't know why, it just made me happy :D

    1. And your header! With the background! Aaaaack, I love it :D

    2. Weeeeell, I am awful with summaries of my book, but I shall try my hardest. :)

      "For Sprig Jackson, life couldn’t be more ordinary. Her ordinary family lives in an ordinary house where they do ordinary things. Until the key shows up, and Sprig’s life takes a very extraordinary turn. She finds herself in a world that she never knew existed, a world where princesses swim at midnight, where gypsies dance in the moonlight, and where ordinary girls become extraordinary by stepping through a mirror." Whaddya think?

      D'awww. *blushes* I won't stop blogging EVER. XD For now, I'll definitely keep going 'cuz I do love doing it. :)

      What a coincidence! I love the header, too! ;) Usually I'm okay with my headers but not completely happy with the look, but with this one... I really like it. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!!

    3. Um, I want to read that book. Like kind of a lot.

    4. *hyperventilates* ....really?? *blushes*

    5. Yes, seriously, I really do!

  2. Oh, btw, again, I really like your new header :D


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