October Favorites

This month was a great month. I finished a novel, re-read a favorite book series, and I drank lots of tea. Overall, it was just a happy month.


This book was an absolute joy to read. I've had a reading hangover since re-reading Percy Jackson (I reread my favorite books a lot) and no book seemed to hold my interest, but this one kind of snapped me out of my disinterest. It was so engaging and refreshing to read. It's in a dystopian world that, instead of boats and airplanes, have airboats. Everyone lives in the air because of a deadly fog that swept the earth long ago. The references that were made of TV shows and bedtime stories were funny and cleverly done. The characters were very likable, and the setting was well developed. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

This month I've been listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks a lot. They're so...epic. They help me get pumped up for math which seems like a silly thing, but I have a hard time with math, and so I kind of need to psych myself up to do it. The PotC soundtracks help,
30 Seconds to Mars. This music group is new but not new. My brother used to listen to it a lot, and I only recently started really liking it. Granted, I've only heard three of their songs, but still, they're awesome so far. The ones I've heard are "Kings and Queens", "Hurricane", and "This is War". 

Guess who?
Okay, Leo Fitz is my favorite this month because I can't very well have FitzSimmons as my favorite, now can I? Let me just say, he was my favorite since Season 1. He's so awesome, and so adorable, and so funny. Fitz is just fantastic.

Green tea with a hint of lemon and honey. That is da best. When I get up early and just need a bit of a wake up, I can't turn to coffee because we're not on good terms anymore, but green tea is now there for me, and it's just delicious. 

Well, I have to go with chicken noodle soup, wait... Have I already said that one? I am unsure. If I haven't, then it's chicken noodle soup all da way, but if I had, I would change to sourdough bread. I don't have bread a whole lot anymore because it's just plain carbs, and I'm trying to eat better, but sourdough bread is my weakness. It's so good! We got a loaf, and it was eaten mostly by my brother, but I might have had a few slices. 

TV Show
How do I decide? With all the fall premieres, it's so hard to decide. Let's see... I would have to say </Scorpion/. I discovered it right as the first season was ending earlier this year, and I really like it. It's a group of geniuses that are helping the government take down baddies. 


Yes. This movie was really awesome and lived up to the expectations that many people had because of the first three. It really upped the game and delivered a movie that I would see again. I saw it for my birthday. It was definitely my favorite for this month.  



  1. FITZ! I love him almost-best in AOS, second only to my dear Coulson. And he just keeps getting more wonderful.

    1. Fitz is very dear to my heart. :) And Coulson is also quite wonderful. :)


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