Fights and All

Fights and All aka Why Ron Weasley was a Real Best Friend

You know what I'm tired of? I'm tired of the sidekicks/best friends always being perfect little angels. By this I mean they are the picture of pushovers. In a fight or conflict they may be strong, opinionated, or whatever trait the author has deemed made them individual, but with the MC, they agree with everything, they don't protest to a word s/he says. While this angelic approach may be a popular one, I find it exhausting. I want my characters to act like real people, and I want characters in other books to act real people too. That is why I think Ronald Weasley is one of the best best friends that could have been written.

He and Harry didn't agree on everything, and while you want to make your MC and supporting character get along and see eye to eye on some stuff, don't forget to include the more real, human aspect of it. People don't always get along, and you shouldn't be afraid to show that.



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