Clueless Adults

Clueless Adults aka Why Minerva Mcgonagall is Da Best

We all know the stereotype: the clueless mom, the clueless dad, the clueless guardian, teacher, guidance counselor, king... The list goes on for a mile. They are adults who, for the good of the plot (and possibly comic relief), are pictured as clueless, walking cliches wearing fanny packs and golf hats. I hate that. Adults, parents, teachers are some of the most untapped sources in fiction. They have a chance to be so cool, so understanding, and so wise, yet too frequently I see them only included as a laughing stock.

That's why Minerva Mcgonagall really stands out to me.

 She is everything that a good mentor should be. She was quirky, sweet, and motherly, but she wasn't afraid of anything, especially Dolores *shudder*, and she never hesitated to speak her mind.
So the next time you sit down and plan an adult or guardian figure in your MC's life from fantasy, fiction, sci-fi, whatever your genre is...don't forget to include the Minerva Mcgonagalls.



  1. I watched the movies of HP before I read the books. I don't know if you have read them, but the movie Minerva is better than book Minerva- in my opinion. In the books, Minerva was one of those clueless teachers, which drove me crazy because I never saw her that way. The Weasley parents were also stereotypical, int he books. I think the movies id a better job with the parents then the books did. I like movie Luna better than book Luna. ;)

    1. I definitely agree about the Weasley parents. That was something that I didn't like.
      In the books, some aspects of her personality was stronger, one of them being more...unaware, and the movie Minerva had other aspects that were stronger. In my mind, the movie Mcgonagall was the one that I think of as Mcgonagall. Plus, Maggie Smith is an amazing actress. :)


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