My Latest Obsession

Okay, I'm going to start out by saying that I feel like a ripoff. I have gotten most of the shows I watch or have watched from a certain person. Lets make a list, shall we?
The Flash
BBC Robin Hood (I think)
Doctor Who

Not to mention countless music recommendations.
Peter Hollens
Taylor Davis
Jo Blankenburg
Adrian von Ziegler
Hans Zimmer
The list goes on.

So I am hesitant to share this next paragraph, especially because the person might be reading this.

I have started a delightful TV show called...
Image result for heroes
My parents watched this show when I was little. It was too mature for me when I was younger, but it is epic!! Not to mention a certain Jess Mariano is in it! Though he looks so old!
 Look at him being all philosophical!!

And guys, guess what?!
Look familiar?
Yes, it is our beloved Nine!! You can imagine my reaction when I saw him.

Anywho, long story short, I feel like I cheap rip-off of this person, but I don't mean to be. And I have a feeling I will be binge watching Heroes. ;)



  1. You're a very good rip off though. Maybe this... person... you mentioned, is building an army. ;)

    I was so excited when Nine showed up. Ahhhh, I miss him so much. And guess who else is in this show? Frankenstein. From OUAT! *fangirling*

    Ummm... apparently Heroes Reborn is a 13 part miniseries. NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    1. Ooo, an army! Are you planning world domination again? I thought we talked about this. XD

      REALLY!!!! Well hot diggity (remind me never to say that again). That's pretty cool. It's funny because Frankenstein from OUAT is also in an early 2000s show called Alias that my family used to be obsessed with. It really is a small world in the show biz. :)

      What?! This is unacceptable!! No, we shall riot in the streets until the give us at LEAST one full season. Darn.

  2. I think rather than a rip off I would call it being inspired by... ;-)

    1. I guess that is a more accurate term. ;D

  3. I think rather than a rip off I would call it being inspired by... ;-)


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