Headers Galore

I'm sure you can guess my the title what this post is about. That's right, I have been obsessively making headers for the past few days. I now have seven new headers that I am really happy with. Picmonkey is seriously the best. My first header  was nothing short of awesome at the time, but as I've seen other headers and started learning just how big the possibilities are... Well, I needed some new headers that could compete, even if they get last place, in the grand universe of personalized blog titles. Here it is, the big unveiling.

This is only one of ten headers that I will be showing off in the next few months. And I think it's a heck of a lot better than my first one. :)

What do you think? Drab or fab? ;)



  1. I think the header is totally your style!

  2. This header is fab and don't let anyone tell you otherwise XD

  3. Er mah gersh.

    I love it muchly. I'm so happy you've been drawn to the dark side--I mean, I'm so glad you've discovered the joys of Picmonkey's awesome header-making abilities. ISN'T IT SO FUN THOUGH.

    But seriously. This header is truly beautiful. You have quite an eye for pictures that mesh well together:) Terrific job!

    1. Thanks!! It's so addicting!! Picmonkey is wonderfully accommodating.

      Thank you. :) This header was so much fun to make. I'm excited to show off the other headers as well. :)


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