Beach Days

The title says it all. This last weekend my family and I went to the Oregon Coast to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. Actually we went for an annual family reunion, but...close enough. We've been doing these family reunions forever since 197-something.  They are always a highlight of my year.

The drive seemed to go on forever. And because of traffic, a normally four to five hour drive took eight hours. Eight hours!! We got to the beach house at 10pm. Our beach house is amazing. It has roof access, so every evening I would go up there and sit, watching the sunset, writing, or just chilling. It was so peaceful. On Saturday we had our usual crab and corn feast with pasta salads, french bread, and so much more food. As usual, there was dancing, a beach bonfire, and a reeeally late night. I don't want these beach vacations to ever stop. :) Most family reunions (in my experience) have a ton of second cousins three times removed that have just moved from Belgium or Romania, but our family reunions have always been small and everyone knows everyone. The most obscure relative there was a great-aunt. I wish that we could have these beach vacations more often.


  1. Haha! How you described usual family reunions, true!;)

    Anyway, the beach is truly beautiful. I'm actually at the beach right now!:D

    1. Yeah, it's always how I've imagined 'normal' family reunions to be like.

      Oh yeah, the beach is one of my favorite places to be.


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