My New Hair

I just got back from the hair place that was cutting my hair. I am standing here with a lot of hair missing from my head, and I feel a million pounds lighter. But maybe that's the nerves still going strong. As the hair was falling from my head, I was about to jump up and run outta there  really nervous.
Story Time: As the hairdresser asked me for my info (phone-number, name, age), I started off okay. I calmly gave my age and phone-number, but when I started spelling my name for the person, my mind went blank. I got about halfway through, and then I panicked. My mind was screaming, "SAY LETTERS!!!" So I said a was the wrong letter. The last three letters were the wrong letters to say. The person had no idea, and she seemed pretty happy with the name I had just given her, but my sister and mother were trying so hard to not burst out laughing. Thankfully, they didn't correct me because they wanted to save my already wounded dignity. It was horrible.
So that's it! Looking back I can see that it's humorous, but in the moment, if someone popped up and slipped me a cyanide pill,   and put me out of my misery, I wouldn't have complained.

I had roughly eleven inches taken off. Take a look.


I have been growing my hair for two and a half years. I know, my hair grows slow. My sister was really sad that I was going to be cutting my hair because she thinks it's so pretty. I agree that it is cool to have super long hair, but as someone who is afraid of spiders, long hairs drifting onto one's arm and feeling like a spider crawling along is NOT fun. Plus. it takes a lot of time to brush it, and I rarely do because it's such a pain. Not to mention I've just been craving something new. I want to change something up. SO I thought, why not cut my hair? My brother wanted me to shave part of my head and get a tattoo there. I mean, he was joking...half-joking. He thinks I would look good with this hairstyle.

But that is obviously never happening. I mean, I don't think I would look bad, but it's a little too...punk rocker  rebellious  drastic for my taste. I think I'll just stick with shorter hair. 
Well, there you have it! My new hair.