June Favorites

Yeah, I'm going to make this a thing. It's fun. :) The first one was kind of abrupt and out of the blue, but you can start expecting it.

As some of you may already know, I've recently been reading quite a few books on writing. In the back of each of these books there is a list of novels mentioned. One novel in particular caught my eye. Airborn. I was curious about it because it was listed as YA Fiction, yet it looked like those adult books that you find crammed in the back of a run down bookshop. See what I mean?
It's like a dwarf, all short and tiny, but fat. Anyway, when I first started it, I was struck by how simple yet poetic it was. It was such a good book. I mean, it had a touch of futuristic steam-punk, fantasy, and adventure, not to mention pirates, beaches, and caves. It's a great book, and that's been my favorite for the month of June. :)

A friend re-introduced me to Imagine Dragons. And one song in particular is my favorite. "Warriors". It was quite helpful in establishing my first playlist for my upcoming novel War Games. For each novel I have an individual playlist with songs that fit the mood, genre, etc. and "Warriors" fit the mood of the novel perfectly. Plus, it's just an epic song.

My favorite character of the month is from Airborn. Kate. She's extremely spunky and independent, but she doesn't have the typical feminist/don't-need-no-one attitude. She brought a good element to the story, and she balanced out the more timid and content attitude of the main character.

The other day I got a craving for a smoothie. I tore through our freezer, looking for frozen fruit. Alas, we were out of everything except for frozen strawberries and pineapple. Usually I don't think that pineapple and strawberry should mix, but I was desperate. I added a little bit of agave (it's a natural sweetener), and I blended it together. The results were wonderful.like rainbows and everything wonderful really good, especially since it was a hot day and the drink was cool and slushy.
It felt like I was drinking a summer day. It was like a strawberry lemonade...except better.
EVERYTHING!!!  I think that this month, the food that wins out is...OREOS!!! Okay, I don't have oreos very often, but the other day my brother brought home mint oreos. I love mint, so I had a couple...and by a couple I mean five. They were just so good! I felt a little guilty afterwords, so I did two crunches and then called it good. I know, I know, I'm really bad at this whole fitness thing.
Ahh, cardio. The bane of my existence.

                                                                       TV Show
Now that H2O is over again, my sister and I wanted a show to watch together. We watch shows together because when we don't want to play a game or talk, it's really nice to be able to sit down and watch a show that we both enjoy while still hanging out. So we scoured the wonderful world of the Netflix and found Gilmore Girls. We had both heard a lot about it, but never actually seen it. Now we're on Season 3, and we love it. It's so clever, and the main characters are quick as a whip, not to mention there are so many references to things outside of the show.


This movie was a surprise, to be honest. I expected it to be a typical, E.T.-like movie, and in a way it was, but what set it apart, what made it good, was the way it stood out. It took the usual way of shooting a movie and threw it out the door. They instead shot it as if the kids were using cameras and phones. The ending was also surprising; it wasn't like everything was exactly how they wanted it to be. Peace was restored, but real life happened anyway. This was a very entertaining movie. If I could change one thing about it, I would introduce the conflict a bit sooner. I mean, sure, they raised a lot of questions so that you wanted to keep watching, but they didn't really introduce the conflict until a little bit later. So yeah! Earth to Echo. 



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