A Death in the Family

It finally happened. Three of our chickens were gotten to by a coyote. It's sad, but I knew this would happen sooner or later. I mean, we've always had coyotes in our area, and with a large plot of forest behind our backyard, adding chickens made it a recipe for disaster. Luckily we have fifteen chickens left, but it's still too bad. At least now we're more alert for this kind of thing.

Wow! I've reached over 100,000 views! I'm not the type of blogger to be constantly checking the stats or comments or anything like that obsessively waiting for the count to go higher, I just kinda think it's cool. To be honest, I'm sure that most of those views are from me, but hey, no matter. At least I have a pretty cool blog. :) Or at least I think so. I've had so much fun writing on here and playing with different backgrounds and headers and the like. It's been a blast.

My test results came through! I was Significantly Above Average in Reading and Language. 30 out of 31, and 26 out of 27.Then I got an Above Average in Math. I'm excited.

I watched The Pink Panther for the first time. It is so ridicules. There were two parts that were a bit awkward with everyone there, but luckily they were over soon.  It's the kind of movie that the hero is so...stupid? Nah. Clueless. The hero is so clueless, yet he get's lucky and is actually kind of smart. I couldn't stop laughing because I have the sense of humor of a five year old because reasons.
I can finally say that I have seen the Pink Panther. 

For the past two weeks I have been in a major writing rut. When I sit down, I couldn't. I just couldn't. I mean, sure, I've had writer's block before. Every writer has, but usually, I just force myself through it. I write horrid stuff until the good stuff eventually comes. But this time I couldn't even force myself to write horrid stuff. I was just stuck, and it was killing me because I usually write every day. Then finally, I was able to just sit down and write. These times are very frustrating for me, but they are all part of the learning experience. 

I am the Doctor is going brilliantly. I never thought that I would be able to play piano somewhat okay, and here I am, comfortably playing all these songs. I'm glad that I decided to stick with piano. 



  1. Nooooo! I'm so sorry about your chicks!:(

    Anyway, 100,00 views! Congrats! Haha, I know how you feel--I see the stats and I'm like, "Well, most of those are probably from me, because I have this thing with rereading what I've posted, but whatevs." :D

    Ooooh, which Pink Panther?

    1. Yeah, it was a bummer. :(

      Thanks!! Haha, I check my blog and reread stuff a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised of half of the views were from me! :)

      The 2006 movie. I used to watch the cartoons, and that was the main reason I decided to watch the movie.


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