The Mirror Trilogy

That pretty much describes everything about math. :) In case you can't tell, my math isn't going terribly well. 

I just got back from a run. It felt good, especially with such nice weather. The dog certainly enjoyed it as well. I realized when i was running that I'm actually not out of shape. I can run for a while without becoming too exhausted. My stamina and strength is increasing. 

I plotted out (in my head) my latest novel idea. It will have to do with spies, blackmail, and terrorist groups. I'm excited. If I ever get to it. I have a list of novels to write a mile long. It's wonderful getting a novel idea, but horrible when you add it to the list that seems to always be getting longer. The next novel on my list to write is going to be a novel called War Games. I have had this one planned out for a while, I've just had to finish the Mirror trilogy. That's right, I said trilogy. I'm writing a third. Then after I finish the third, I will do the final edit on the first book in the trilogy. I have a lot of writing stuff to do, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Some friends invited me and my sister over to enjoy the gorgeous sunny day with them. Unfortunately we were already doing something that only happens once every two months, so we weren't able to go. I was really bummed out that we couldn't go because I know it would have been so much fun, but hopefully on another sunny day. 

My grandparents are coming over in an hour to celebrate Mother's Day. We're going to have a turkey dinner. Including green bean bake, potatoes, pecan pie, etc.  It should be really good. And I'm glad to see my grandparents. We haven't seen them very much lately. 

Anywho, I should go help with the dinner.