Season 2 of AoS.

I am in shock, to be honest. I was already stunned by the explosive almost-ending and I thought that everything got wrapped up nicely. And then...whoo boy. Okay, let me start at the beginning, I just finished the season finale of Marvel's Agents of Shield. I've been looking forward to this one because I knew a lot of big stuff was going to happen.
Warning, MAJOR spoilers.
I'm going to focus on the end of it because I don't have enough energy right now to cover all that happened. When Coulson cuaght the crystal, I was like,
I knew it was supposed to mean something big, but it didn't quite sink in until the creepy grey stone stuff from hell  stuff started to go up his arm. I realized that this wasn't good, and I had a little meltdown inside. Okay fine, I was ready to die. Coulson couldn't go! Then the ax's blade came down and I was once again in shock for a second. 

Fast forward to Skye's dad's redemption?  restitution. It was heartbreaking. And it was wonderfully tragic. I really am a sucker for those kinds of things. The goodbye between Skye and her father was also heartbreaking. I knew that she would never see him again, or at least as Cal, and no matter what he has done to her, he's her dad! That's not something easily dismissed, plus with his good side showing more in the past couple of episodes. I feel so bad for him because Skye's mom really just used him for the most part. I do believe that she loved him, but just like Rumpelstiltskin, she loved the power and control just too much.  When Skye saw her dad again, but as a sweet man who had no idea of the horrible things he had done, I was strangely happy with it. I mean, he got to live without being tortured with the knowledge and memories of all the bad things he had done. At first I though he was a milkman. Okay, don't judge, he was wearing a white coat and I saw him carrying something. So, naturally, one would assume milkman. :)

Now for the real whopper. 
I'm not going to lie, I am a hardcore FitzSimmons shipper, so when he asked her to dinner, I was fangirling. I mean, they had been my Agents of Shield OTP for two seasons. This was the moment I had been waiting for. And Fitz was being all adorable and awkward. I mean, how can you not just love adorable awkward Fitz? He's the greatest. 

But then...oh, but then. 
Jemma gets sweapt up by that creepy black stuff that has ruined everything that is good and holy in this world  is bad, and left us with an abrupt and completely shocking ending.

I went upstairs, shocked to say the least, and my mom asked, 
To which I replied,

Why must season finales break hearts and stomp on feelings? Well, that is how it goes with great stories, they either end forever with happiness, or continue with heartbreak. 

And with that profound quote from Despereaux *cough* I mean Wesley, I shall bid you all a good night.


  1. I KNOW!!! That season finale had me laying on the floor, sobbing very ugly sobs. Could it have gotten any worse?

    1. Don't question their ability to make it worse. They might hear you and take it as a challenge.


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